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  2. We have over 50 vouches and still going up, If you're interested in any kind of design from logos till icons, wallpapers till banners or avatars/animated [maybe] + much more , feel free to use our services.
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  4. Hasn't really crossed my mind now that you mention it. The only problem is that such decisions could easily be biased. Just having a friend or two on a server can swing it in favour of becoming SOTM. If there was a good method to decide on a SOTM through data rather than opinions, it would be a much better approach. However, we will speak about this in the team. Good call!
  5. I noticed RuneList offers two monthly events, member and server of the month. Though I believe these are two great ideas to boost the activity, I do have some questions about whether SOTM is efficient or not. Server of the Month: As it stands, the server that comes out top #1 on the toplists will be considered the server of the month, receiving awards Unique secondary rank (Eg: SOTM March) +25 Positive reputation Unique award 1 month Toplist/Community Sidebar Advertisement (300x250) When I saw this, my mind just went wtf? It makes no sense to me as
  6. Looks nice, exciting to see servers finally taking the approach to add quests!
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  8. If you want a logo/ an icon or maybe a custom wallpaper or even a website interface or something related to the design, Feel free to use our services!
  9. Vouch for HostHappy, they are proudly hosting RuneList.
  10. Easy Switch to HostHappy ◉ 99.9% Uptime ◉ Ultra Fast 10 GBPS Ports ◉ Promo code "RUNELIST21" for 10% off Please visit our website at https://hosthappy.net/
  11. Someone did a run of Grand Theft Auto V, without running over pedestrians or killing anyone outside of what the story required. Pretty impressive as they ended up at 726 kill count.
  12. Shaun

    Custom Home

    Personally, I prefer homes being simple, as the custom homes always feel messy and cluttered to me. Good job nonetheless, however, I would take note of the suggestions that Chanston gave to you above.
  13. Thank you for the kind words! Appreciate it! p.s. Bump
  14. Fiery Legion


    REVISION We're an OSRS custom server integrated with RuneLite. We really love the freedom RuneLite gives you in terms of user customizability, but also felt that there was a need for some custom activities. At the end of the day we developers have the opportunity to not only re-create a game we love, but also apply our own special touch to it to make it a unique experience. HOW CUSTOM IS CUSTOM There's a reason why OSRS is successful its because its an enjoyable, balanced game. However, the only downside is that access to a lot of the awesome late game content is very time-in
  15. TeJay is a very friendly and hardworking individual! Any server that chooses to take him on their team will be doing themselves good. We worked together on a previous project that he put a lot of energy into and I have nothing but good things to say!
  16. Looks nice for a beginner! However, as a map designer myself I'd like to offer some areas of improvement 😉 1. Paths - Pointed spots or un-naturally curved paths stand out quite a bit. 2. Height - Height in multiple areas could use some work. Water should always be flat and the same height. 3. Ground objects - Differentiate your ground objects. There are hundreds of items to choose from so change it up a bit and add a variety of grass, twigs, rocks, etc! 4. Bridge - Bridges are created on level 1 or greater as this allows you to create a gap between the ground and bridge
  17. TeJay's Management And Marketing Services. Greetings. I've been in the community for about 4 years now (4 years of Running - Managing - Developing - Content Creation). And tons of years as a player (before that.) I started my first server back in 2017, and when I look at it now, It was the start of something beautiful, as it led me to gain a lot knowledge about how servers work, rise, fall, progress and deteriorate. Which leads me to here today, offering my skills, knowledge and experience to the community. Main Focus in Management: I will be interacting with the community
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