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100M Old School RuneScape Gold Giveaway

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Currently giving away 100M Old School RuneScape gold to one fortuitous person in the RuneList community. I will be doing Old School RuneScape giveaways, as well as other giveaways every once in a while, so keep a look out for them.

The requisites to take part in this current giveaway are:

  • 5 post count
  • Respond to this thread with your favourite ALIVE RuneScape Private Server and your favourite RuneScape Private Server that is no longer around

Winner will be randomly chosen and announced next Saturday. Good luck to all! 

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Oi, that’s a great idea!


My favorite Alive server... uhm Rigour atm.

Overal favorite will be Epicurus from back in the day..



Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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  • ShaunPRO changed the title to 100M Old School RuneScape Gold Giveaway

Hey guys, my favorite rsps is the one I've been in for the past 2 1/2 years, Darkan 2012 remake.


My favorite dead rsps is the first time I compiled a single player server back in 2008. I believe it was the original Moparscape. I played that thing for hours in single player and was so excited to see it was possible to compile RuneScape on my computer. I quit shortly afterwards but it was my first taste of rsps and I never forgot it.

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Posted (edited)
32 minutes ago, Zigzag said:

Wow thats a lot to give out thanks man!
favorite: ikov

all time favorite: ownxile 

PwnScape/PwnXile/OwnXile are one of my all time favourites as well! 

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Winner is being randomly chosen and announced tomorrow (16/04), at 17:00 BST. Do not miss out on this big giveaway, the requisites are very simple. 

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Zigzag has not yet come forward for his/hers winnings. Zigzag has 24 more hours to claim the 100M Old School RuneScape gold, otherwise a new winner will be randomly chosen and announced. 

No more entries allowed. 

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