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The Runiverse


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Hello, and welcome to The Runiverse

The Runiverse is a collection of Discord Bots and Micro Services that are designed to keep your players in Discord while connecting them with your RSPS.

The Free Services offered are a TopList-&-Voting, HiScores, and Stores. Bringing the RSPS World a little closer with Discord and your Players.





Discord Owner Commands:

- This will register the discord that the command is executed in
- Bringing up a form to fill out to register your RSPS with as well
- - If this popup form closes, to reopen, reenter this command
-> Successful creation will return a message with your `AccessToken`
--> Make note of this Token as it will be needed for the RSPS-Intigration of the Runiverse-API

/manage {sub-command}
- SubCommands
--> new-token -> Generates a new AccessToken for the Runiverse-API
--> get-api -> Link to get the Runiverse-API




A modern TopList designed for the modern RSPS Server and Player.

Discord Manager Permission:
/manage {sub-command} {option}
- SubCommands
--> vote-rewards {option}
---> {in-game item} -> Register an in-game reward for your players, providing an ItemId, Amount, Cost, and Item Name


---> {in-game custom} -> Register a Custom reward, provide a Key which will be passed to the API for you to handle Server-Side


---> {remove a reward} -> Choose a reward to remove

--> toplists {option}
---> {add new} -> Register a TopList for your players to quickly vote on from Discord



General Public Commands:
/vote {username}
✔ Required parameters
--> {username} -> The players in-game name
- This will present the user with a Select Menu, containing the list of TopLists registered to the Discord
- - The incentive is generated and attached to the `Supported TopLists`
- - - The supported toplists will format and concatenate the incentive in the format for that list
- - - All other TopLists are considered to be Not Supported; and it will be the VoteLink + incentive(domain.com/toplist/{sid}/vote/{incentive})

No parameters
- This will present the user with a Select Menu of the Rewards registered to the RSPS
- - This is used with the RV-API that is implemented on the Server-Side so that players can claim rewards for voting for servers

✔ Required parameters
--> {username} -> The voter to look up info for
- Replies with an embedded message with the server name and description, the voting user, their vote count, and selected reward


Private Message Commands
✔ Optional parameters
--> numer -> The amount of servers to reply with, the top X servers. (max 10 per "page")
- The pages are the number requested, devided by 10
- Embedded Message with server listings, containing their name, votes, date added, links to website and button to "play now"






When implemented your players can execute a search of players skill trees

/search {option} {option}
- Option1
--> top {amount} -> Search for the Top X players
--> players {name} -> Search for a specific player





With more and more players looking to stay inside of Discord, this bot brings Ecomm to Discord, Owners can Open a Store, fill it will products, and provide your PayPal to get paid

/manage {sub-command} {option}
- SubCommands
--> products {option}
---> {add} -> Add a new product to your store
---> {remove} -> Remove a product from the store

/shop {option}
--> {view} -> View the Store Inventory for the Discord
--> {buy} -> Select an Item you wish to purchase from the list




Selecting has the Base value of the product, without the active sale





Utilizing the PayPal SDK and API to bring you Ecomm To Discord



Future Plans:


The ability for players to link their ingame name to their discord account. This will be as simple as `/link {username}` in Discord.
From here there will be multiple features available


- If a player messages you but you're offline, receive a DM on Discord, reply to that message to send the player a response.


- Players can access the list of servers they are linked with, and their stats on each of the servers, votes, scores, account(s)
- Owners can view who's linked, what toplists, who voted, votes, voting-history, voting rewards, Online count, Store Inventory, transactions, and so much more


This was Developed by Glabay of Glabay-Studios and Published by RuneList.io

To follow the development or to get more information, join the chat on Discord https://discord.gg/hGG2zxk




Supported TopLists:
- RuneList
- RuneLocus
- Rune-Server
- RspsToplist
- Top100Arena
- TopG
- MoparScape
- RSPS-List


RSPS Registration:
- Server name (Max 72 characters)
- Must have a RuneList.io TopList Entry to link
- Server Description (Min 32, Max 180 Characters)

TopList Links:
- The URL must be a valid voting link
- - This is checked by the backend scraping the URL passed and taking multiple checks, and will verify the link has a valid way to vote
- - Example is looking for a vote button within the html elements on the page.

  • Positive 1

Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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This is the RuneGames

A little RPG within the Bot. You can Level up from 1 to 99, working to gain experience and better "jobs", from Slaying the rats in the cellar to a helping hand, and even a Guard yourself, become a knight, guard the King, become a mercenary against the Crown, join the ranks of the gods as you max out as a Demigod.

Video Link -> RuneGames - RuneRPG






The Gambling aspect, play against the server, or a Friend.

Video link -> RuneGames - RuneCasino

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On 10/12/2022 at 6:06 PM, Nes said:

You guys are doing great work!

Thanks. I've added almost the entire F2P map (overworld), adding the remaining NPC to the database, then I will be working out dungeons, and wilderness, which will have a unique experience with them. Something to watch for. 😉

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