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Welcome to RuneList, the next generation RSPS community! The staff team is working very hard to keep the community up and running. We're currently in BETA, which means some content might not be as expected. If any errors occur please PM an moderator+. Thanks and stay safe!


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  1. Worked with Clive for over 2 years now, developping on Fluxious. Clive's a dedicated developer which will complete the tasks you give him in no time. 5 stars rating and 100% vouched for Clive. 🙂
  2. Goodluck looking for a community manager ! 🙂
  3. Hello Everyone! From today you can add RuneList as Toplist to your EverythingRS Auto Vote Dashboard. So those users which are using EverythingRS as their voting system can use the RuneList Toplist as well. MEDIA
  4. Sander

    Pro+ membership

    Hello, Thanks for your suggestions! We will look at the possibilities. PRO+ currently offers a highlighted spot on the toplist to stand out a bit more. You can also get a free custom animated banner made by one of our designers (once every 3 months of membership). There are some more "smaller" benefits, which can also be viewed here (scoll down and click the spoiler) PRO+ members can have/give: - 10 reputation per day (5 for PRO, 3 for regular members) - Ability to bump their own forum thread once per 12 hours (1/24h for PRO, 1/48 for regular members) - Ability to bump their o
  5. RuneList has an unique referral system, where you can invite your friends to RuneList and receive some rewards. How does it work? Click on your avatar > account settings > referrals You'll see your personal referral code and a link to share to your friends. The new user of RuneList will have to fill in the referral code (or use the URL). Then the user is added to your referrals. At account settings > referral rewards, you can check the rewards and your progress on geting the rewards.
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