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  1. GEEEZ, soon the Awards / Achievements will be fully working.. Meaning you'll receive an award for that 😮 Congrats my man.
  2. Goodluck with your server, don't forget to add your server to our toplist 🙂
  3. Server Of The Month (SOTM) To become the server of the month, you must finish in # 1 position as server at the end of the month. You do this by obtaining the most votes from all servers. Rankings Month Server Name March - April - Rewards Unique secondary rank (Eg: SOTM March) +25 Positive reputation Unique award Permanent Rotating Sidebar Advertisement (300x250) Member Of The Month (MOTM) To become the member of the month you have to be the most a
  4. Hello, In March we will start giving away OSRS Coins! Every week 50m is given away to one random person. These giveaways will go through this discord or through our website. The rewards are sponsored by Probemas. In this way we would like to thank Probemas for sponsoring and wish everyone the best of luck with the giveaways. Incidentally, we give away a lifetime PRO membership every 100 discord members. March Discord Giveaways! Sponsored by Probemas. 50m OSRS Coins 1-7 March, 2021 50m OSRS Coins 14-21 March, 2021 Use code 'RuneList' for 4% discount on all go
  5. 82, nearly 100 posts gz @ Nes
  6. You can now sync your community account with your discord account. This ensures that you can log in via discord and that your ranks (eg membership and VIP) can also be seen in discord. That way you also get the discord benefits. Follow the steps below to add discord to your account. Step 1: Click on your avatar and navigate to "Account Settings". Step 2: Click on "Discord" and then click on "Login with Discord". Step 3: Click on "Authorize" and your account will now by synched to the community. Y NOTE: It may take a few minutes befo
  7. Sander

    Hi I'm Gob!

    Welcome to RuneList Gob! 😄
  8. I like your thread design, nice job! Goodluck 🙂