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  1. It used to in all honesty, we are not one of the biggest RSPS out there anymore. Right now with the current playerbase the social aspect has a niche touch to it. Everyone is communicative and there is lots of social interactions, for me personally, even if I wasn't part of the Zenyte team, it is something that makes me want to log in on a daily basis. Thank you for the positive feedback! 🙂
  2. Zenyte #1 OSRS Private Server Zenyte has been in development for 2 years, made from the ground up to build a stable and extensive framework that will allow us to properly implement an unrivaled amount of OSRS's features; as developers, we pay attention to the details. We know that RSPS veterans are looking for an accurate, sustainable emulation of OSRS's economy and gameplay. As players ourselves, we know the value of the grind that comes with competing to hold the top spot. Zenyte will feature unique methods for community integration that will foster competition, allowing new player