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  1. Spoke with him in DMs. Very knowledgeable and friendly dev. His work speaks for itself, phenomenal attention to detail and talent. Much respect
  2. Easily one of my top servers. There are very few servers I play consistently and this is one of them. So much content to tackle, whether you want to afk and mine for your masterwork armor or if you want to grind out Nex for a set of Torva, this server has it all. Donator isn't overpowered like it is on many servers, it's also easily achievable through their vote and loyalty systems. Makes for a phenomenal experience overall with very little wanting. Much recommend this server if you like old school but you want more content.
  3. Holy damn, look at you go! This is a huge achievement. Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  4. Good luck to everyone, awesome of Probemas to sponsor RuneList and this awesome community we have here.
  5. Gob


    This is a truly epic name, "Setup". Well played, fam. Pleasure to meet you! ❤️
  6. Gob


    Hey Shaun! Good to see you came out of your shell a little, haha. Glad you decided to introduce yourself to us, pleasure to meet ya! If you ever need anything feel free to hit me up 🙂
  7. Sweet idea for a giveaway, good luck competitors! 😉
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    Hi I'm Gob!

    Hey fellers. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm a member of the Zenyte community, came here after speaking to Sander and seeing the site. It's a really nice idea and I decided I'd love to stick around and see where it goes! I'm here for the long shot. Love the idea of combining a forum, toplist and marketplace. The idea of the public toolbox is also really unique and helpful to many RSPS. I just hope this site remain unbias and true to the formula. It could be the best! If yall need anything from me, feel free to hit me up! Either on the forums, or on Discord (V.#3273). Thanks, happy f