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  1. Great server, nice video, awesome entertainment! Keep it going ❤️
  2. This is a usefull article for server owners ! 😄 Great work.
  3. This sounds like an unique idea. I dig it ! 🙂
  4. Domain

    Hi I'm Gob!

    Hey Gob! Welcome to RuneList 😄
  5. Zaros is such a great server. Good job Nes.
  6. YEAHHH, will be attending these giveaways for sure 😮
  7. Nice! Great idea. 😄 Goodluck to everyone.
  8. Goodluck! Looks like fun game to play.
  9. Looks awesome! 😄 Thanks for the release ❤️
  10. Domain

    Roat Pkz Review

    Roat Pkz is a very successful server, I love the PvP aspects of the game like the keys and the shooting star event. Great server, would keep playing for ever.
  11. I've recently bought a decent amount of OSRS coins through Probemas. Used the code 'runelist' for 4% more gold. The chat operators are very helpfull and the delivery speed is amazing! Thanks for this great service.
  12. Looks good! Hope you'll get more players 🙂