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  1. Looks like a great server to me. From what i've heard and seen, pretty enjoyable. Going to test it in a bit 🙂
  2. Domain

    Just Nima

    Hello Nima! Welcome to RuneList. I'd love to see a bunch of your graphics. You can start an marketplace store here, so you can sell your services 🙂
  3. Domain


    Welcome Moo! 😄
  4. OOFF awesome 😄 Favo Alive : Velheim Favo all time : Sabsabi Online (very old)
  5. Domain


    Hey Welcome Shaun!
  6. Domain


    Hey Setup! Welcome, i think i saw you playing Zaros? 😄
  7. First one to 200? 😄
  8. Domain

    Custom Home

    I would love to see the "updated" version of this 😄
  9. Nice video, partner 😄
  10. Nice video Nes 😄