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  1. Someone did a run of Grand Theft Auto V, without running over pedestrians or killing anyone outside of what the story required. Pretty impressive as they ended up at 726 kill count.
  2. Shaun

    Custom Home

    Personally, I prefer homes being simple, as the custom homes always feel messy and cluttered to me. Good job nonetheless, however, I would take note of the suggestions that Chanston gave to you above.
  3. Zigzag has claimed and been given his winnings. Awaiting confirmation, as I forgot to take a screenshot of trade due to being on the mobile phone.
  4. Zigzag has not yet come forward for his/hers winnings. Zigzag has 24 more hours to claim the 100M Old School RuneScape gold, otherwise a new winner will be randomly chosen and announced. No more entries allowed.
  5. Congratulations to @Zigzag on winning my very first giveaway hosted on RuneList. Please contact me on Discord in order to claim your winnings: Shaun#9757 More giveaways to come!
  6. That is a very fancy, and sumptuous car.
  7. MBAM Is not an antivirus per se, hence it can run alongside any antivirus without compatibility issues.
  8. I could not find a more suitable place for this, so it can go here for the meantime. Errors First word in the Announcement section's description is a typo - "Pleaes" > "Please" Second word in the Support section's description is a typo - "complains" > "complaints" Second word in the Project sub-section, under the main RS 503+ section is a typo - "an" > "a" A plethora of sections and their descriptions - "Runescape" > "RuneScape" Member Setup has the Developer rank, which shows when he is online, but does not show in the who was online widget
  9. Hi, I have not had anything come through. What is your Discord username?
  10. Winner is being randomly chosen and announced tomorrow (16/04), at 17:00 BST. Do not miss out on this big giveaway, the requisites are very simple.
  11. You are welcome, be careful out there!
  12. Giveaways that redirect you through several websites are complete scams. If you give them your real information, it will certainly be used. Also, if you have to pay to join a giveaway - it is not a giveaway, it is gambling.
  13. Giveaway websites are generally fake if they ask you for an extravagant quantity of information. That said, there are lots of giveaways here, and websites like Gleam are legitimate.