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  1. Sadie

    Kraken Logo

    If this is the kind of stuff you design then surely market it! Looks good!
  2. That's awesome, good job!
  3. Hey, welcome to the community! I'm intrigued to learn more about Seren-PS, is this a new/upcoming server?
  4. Sadie

    Just Nima

    Nice to meet you, NIma! It's always great to have another designer in this community and I'm excited to see what kind of past work you've done! Me myself am a server owner, for both EradicationX & Zolak. Currently they're both under development, where EradicationX is aimed to come out of development the 25th of May, we've upgraded the cache from 742 to 901. Zolak however, is going to be under heavy development for a couple more months before I introduce a closed beta! Be sure to do what Domain recommended as it's always nice to have different options to choose from when it c
  5. Sadie


    Nice to meet you, Moo! 2D designs sure look interesting, the concept reminds me a lot of abstract art, which could very possibly be similar or inspired by one another? Not sure, but sure is a good sight to the eye to see something different for a change, as most people tend to go for 3D. Will be sure to let you know if I decide to want a signature of my own in the future! I'm also very happy that someone finally took initiative to build a new up-to-date RuneScape Community, for the reasons you said, Rune-Server is dead and has been for quite a long time. Sadly RuneList don't have the
  6. I noticed RuneList offers two monthly events, member and server of the month. Though I believe these are two great ideas to boost the activity, I do have some questions about whether SOTM is efficient or not. Server of the Month: As it stands, the server that comes out top #1 on the toplists will be considered the server of the month, receiving awards Unique secondary rank (Eg: SOTM March) +25 Positive reputation Unique award 1 month Toplist/Community Sidebar Advertisement (300x250) When I saw this, my mind just went wtf? It makes no sense to me as
  7. Looks nice, exciting to see servers finally taking the approach to add quests!