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  1. Yeah, I mean, when I started; People would eventually message me. Naturally. I'm one of those who ghosts. You'll see my name pop up when I first join and the server creates the first "Moo has joined the server, welcome!" message or however Zenyte does it; speaking for all private servers here. And typically, you get a handful of "Welcome Moo!" and then maybe I reply or maybe I don't. I typically I just say thanks or not at all. And then you'll never see anything from me ever again. Sometimes I need help, sometimes I need gp, or something like that; whenever I need some
  2. I played Zenyte for awhile. It was to replace a craving I had for an rsps that just happened to have all the features of Rune Lite. It's a really good server but I didn't stay for long. It's pretty easy to get most of your stats to 99 and if you're not a Pker or a PvMer there's not much for you do beyond that sadly. Like even the Social Scape is kinda lacking. It was also one first servers I saw to advertise with a Mobile version, which means the developers are quite Crafty in their abilities. You look at servers today, and it's basically standard to have Rune Lite & Mobile av
  3. Moo


    Keep your Moo's about you. How's your Moo-day today? Happy Mooooo! I'll see you at the Mooooovies, right at full Moooooooon. Moooooooo to you to, Sir! Moo'ing my lawn today if you know what I mean. I heard couples Moooo in bed sometimes! ^=^
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    Thanks for the welcome! >:] I'll be glad to spread my moo-abouts throughout this community! See you O/
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    I like you, you're really nice :D. So on the internet, sometimes you can find "renders" of your favorite things that come out in a transparent background, so that when you want to use it, it's really made to be used outside the box. Some people search something like "Runescape renders" or "Anime renders" or "renders" of their favorite games, etc. If that doesn't bring good results than getting more specific with what you want is key when you're looking for a specific look on your ideas. So in that particular wallpaper, I had one background layout already which was the screenshot I took in
  6. Moo


    Hello, I'm Moo. I have a small list of hobbies and I use them to make people happy. One of those hobbies is 2D Graphic Design that I've been teaching myself to do whenever I'm bored, but have been practicing since I was like 16-ish and now I'm 24, but haven't gotten much better :D. I'm here today because I love private servers. Rune-Server is such an old community the website layout/design is so outdated; I know there's a bunch of other communities out there like Rune Locus, but this one's fresh out of the box and I wanted to hop on the Hype Train as well. Recently, I've been screwing aro