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  1. Hi Nima! Feels great to have another designer in our ranks 😊 Hope you enjoy your stay here at RuneList!
  2. SilverNova

    Kraken Logo

    I personally think it turned out really well. As I already mentioned, the gem feels a bit odd as the A and K hover over it. I think it could sell very well if you made some headers to it and sold it all as a package. Well done!
  3. SilverNova


    Welcome Moo! Your name really reminds me of this video, haha
  4. Locked as it was implemented after a community poll on Discord.
  5. God damn it. Every time I find a reason to take a break, you sneaksters always manage lure me back in 😆
  6. Looks amazing!! Best of luck to Alora ~ Not like you need it though 😅
  7. 200 boys!!!! ❤️
  8. Hasn't really crossed my mind now that you mention it. The only problem is that such decisions could easily be biased. Just having a friend or two on a server can swing it in favour of becoming SOTM. If there was a good method to decide on a SOTM through data rather than opinions, it would be a much better approach. However, we will speak about this in the team. Good call!