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  1. Discord: ADAM#0117 You will need to send me your client files or invite me to a GitHub repo to get this service. Accepting Skrill/Cashapp, will do transferwise if it's all paid at once(will be offering payment in parts for larger orders) Snippet can be found at Prices: Implementing RuneLite api's: $10-40/api, depending how long it will take Implementing RuneLite Events: $10-50 depending how long it will take Doing the above snippet for you: $30 Implementing a plugin for you: $10-300, depending what events/api's need implementing an
  2. Download the packaged zip found at: https://mega.nz/file/jNIFiCLR#OdcnZ-z4QMXOnp1Gjkur4wHgS66z74YENGqRlIBOCzA, import project into intellij(this is a gradle project) place your client package in src/main/ then refactor it into src/main/java(this will sort your imports ect out), once this is done you're ready to follow: First head too ClientLoader.java and find the following code: private static Applet loadVanilla() throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException, InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException { Class<Client> clientClass = Client.class; return ClientLoader
  3. Used to sell a half-ass version of this, however this implementation is proper. Note that this does not come with all runelite hooks implemented, meaning some plugins may not work. If you require more api's implemented or a specific plugin once this is done it will cost extra. This service can usually be completed in around 4 days, however I will be listing it as a 7day service to relieve some pressure and give me time to do it properly. Accepting Skrill/Cashapp, will do transferwise if it's all paid at once(will be offering payment in parts as i progress fu
  4. Adam

    RSPS Network

    I think it can change things a lot, however doing things properly so users actually feel safe is the harder part imo ;p
  5. Adam

    RSPS Network

    Hmu so I have u on standby, will do in the near future, just working on functionality as of now though ;p ADAM#0117
  6. Adam

    RSPS Network

    All uploaded files get scanned via virustotal using their api, if it comes out clean any permitted users get notified that a server requires reviewing. Part of reviewing includes confirming if it is in-fact their server, back end for all that is done, just gotta do front-end which I'll do after all the databases are setup(Got it functional using local data files which isn't ideal)
  7. Adam

    RSPS Network

    Recently been given the idea to do this so been doing it in my spare time for fun. The idea is people can submit their servers, players would download the launcher and be able to manage all their RSPS's from 1 place. Been learning Scala and more on DI on the way This would also allow for owners to view analytics related too their server, for example how many players play from x country at x time. Could prove useful when looking into a host location (Note: Design sucks ass, planning on buying one so ignore it) Current Media: Currently writing up Component Builders, fo