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  1. TeJay is a very friendly and hardworking individual! Any server that chooses to take him on their team will be doing themselves good. We worked together on a previous project that he put a lot of energy into and I have nothing but good things to say!
  2. Looks nice for a beginner! However, as a map designer myself I'd like to offer some areas of improvement 😉 1. Paths - Pointed spots or un-naturally curved paths stand out quite a bit. 2. Height - Height in multiple areas could use some work. Water should always be flat and the same height. 3. Ground objects - Differentiate your ground objects. There are hundreds of items to choose from so change it up a bit and add a variety of grass, twigs, rocks, etc! 4. Bridge - Bridges are created on level 1 or greater as this allows you to create a gap between the ground and bridge
  3. Uh oh, Zigzag better zap on ova before he loses that 100m
  4. Thank you so much for your feedback and pointing out these errors, Sean. Our team will surely correct these errors ASAP and carefully consider your suggestions. We previously had more (sub-)sections, but reduced the categories for the time being in order to consolidate activity. We are hoping to keep RuneList more on-topic with specifically RSPS, so we chose to not include categories like Sports, Other Games, and even OSRS. Perhaps now that forum activity is rising we can look towards expanding our categories. 🙂 Definitely going to see if we can do something about auto-locking Intro
  5. 2018 Kia Forte Lx 🤷‍♂️ It's affordable, reliable, comfortable, cheap to fix, and gets good gas mileage. Can't complain
  6. Definitely a server worth checking out!
  7. I've used Avast for years and it seems to do well. I'd sort of like to find something else too though! Just as a backup. There's so many options it's hard to decide!
  8. Interested to see how their launch goes!
  9. Hey @Shaun Just a heads up our marketplace is organized a little differently here at RuneList 🙂 Instead of posting your For Sale services/items on the forums, we have a dedicated Marketplace HERE. Within this area you can create your own shop & create a similar listing as a forum post.. only users will easily be able to find your store, view your availability, & read your reviews. Will you please move this post as well as your other listings to the Marketplace? I will delete these threads once you do so
  10. Always pumping out that quality content 😉
  11. Yeah I definitely can't understand it haha 😆 I'm pretty much always on the rap game. Been on this one a lot this week
  12. 122 - There it's fixed