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Wave Premade Designs

Premade designes made by Wave, distributed by RuneList.

- Any 'premade design' will be edited to add your servername or letters in it;
- You'll get your design after the designer finished your personal piece;
- There are mostly only one copy sold per design;
- All designs are handdrawn by Wave.
  Avarage Costs:
- Icon €60-€80
- Logo €100-€120
- Background €150-€200 (without logo)
- Userbars €10 per design
How does it work?
1. Customer chooses the product and makes the payment;
2. After the payment is completed the customer opens a support ticket;
(Go to menu > others > manage purchases > click the product > support)
3. Customer will talk with Wave about the purchased design (Responding within 24h);
4. Wave will change the text on the design and send a watermarked final draft;
5. Customer agrees and Wave will send the final version;
6. Support ticket will be closed and Wave will get paid by RuneList. 


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