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4.99 EUR/month

About Runiverse+

The Runiverse+ membership is used for the Runiverse Bots. In order to receive the benefits of this membership, the member needs to have their discord synchronized with their RuneList account. 


 Special Badge

 Acces to RuneVote, RuneStore and RuneScores

 Acces to Rune- Stats, Chat, Staff and Registar

 Ability to change embed color

 RuneScores: Multiple Gamemodes

 RuneScores: Boss Killcount unlocked

 RuneScores: Clue Scrolls unlocked

 RuneVote: up to 25 rewards (instead of 5)

 RuneVote: up to 10 voting links (instead of 3)

 RuneStore: up to 25 store items (instead of 5)