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  1. August RSPS Sign up on our website and Join our Discord August brings a genuinely unique take on what Private Servers should be. Level up Talent Trees for perks Skilling perks and in-depth skilling gameplay Choose your own path Take on engaging and challenging PvM encounters Prestige your way to the top!
  2. Play Now | Discord Are you looking for a New Epic Runescape Adventure? Look no Further! RuneRealm is your one-stop-shop for everything RSPS! This server truly has it all. From traditional OSRS progression & gameplay to unique/custom raids, minigames, events, ideas and more! This server is a server that creates it's own Unique Content taken from suggestions from the Community, it is what a RSPS should be! The traditional feeling and gameplay you all enjoy, with our own creative twist - Everyones! RuneRealm has something for everyone, whether you are a PvMer, PvPer or Gambler... we have what you WANT! Give RuneRealm a shot today and the only thing you will regret is not joining sooner. Notable RuneRealm Features Daily Login Rewards Daily Bosses Daily PvP rewards Over 15+ Minigames Oer 15+ Bosses to Battle each with it's own unique mechanic! Battlepass & Votepass Working RuneLite Client with OpenGl Hd & Resource Packs & 3d Weather System! Afk Zone Automated PvP Tournaments Loads of skilling content including Construction, Wintertodt, Puro Puro, Most OSRS roof courses and much more Heavy focus on World Events Loads of dungeons, minigames and bosses to take on around the world Item Upgrading with loads of Upgradeable - Weapons/Armour/Gear Apply Cosmetics to your BIS Gear! Nightmare, Nex, TOB, COX Near 1:1 OSRS slayer system Achievements & Collection Logs
  3. Ready to embark on a new adventure? Step into RuneGlory today! Watch our brand new trailer here ! We've been running for a very long time and we have a lot of experience behind us! To add, we have a variety of unique content & events that keep you interested indefinitely! Just some of our features: Weekly Automated Drop parties & events! Weekly Skilling & PVP Tournaments! Tons of bosses including some of our own custom ones! OSRS Items but with our own little twist! Special effects, animations, and more! Daily & Weekly Task Board! Raids 1&2, Phosani, Hydra, Nex & much more! Huge variety of different games to gamble your GP on! Regular competitions to earn yourself some OSRS Gold! Players can also host their own community events such as HP Boss, PVP Tournaments, and much more! Come join our ever expanding server and be apart of our growth! It doesn't end there though, there's much more to come from us! Join today and get your gear ready for our anticipated game-changing updates throughout this year!
  4. Calling all RSPS players tired of the same boring game-loop and bad communities. Are you struggling to find a good RSPS? You check the server list every week but every server has the same boring content and non existent or even worse, bad communities? if you want an engaged community, fresh and meaningful content and a RSPS experience you'll never forget, pay close attention. Exiled RSPS is a freshly released, passionately and carefully built project built for the players, by the players. Exiled is the result of many long-time RSPS players coming together to create their dream server and we want to share it with you! Daily events, new raids, fresh content and bosses and more all at your finger tips. I'm sure you've tried many RSPS before and always end your experience unsatisfied but Exiled will be the last RSPS you'll ever want to login to. It's impossible for us to describe all the incredible and unique content Exiled has in store, but luckily for you its just a click away!
  5. Custom Raids "Vault of Daemonheim" Full Runelite client Void World Boss Edge World Bosses Wildy World Bosses Extended Wilderness Custom Bosses Automated Flower Poker Sigils Nex Upgrade Machine Full TOB Full COX Vote Boss 117 HD Settings Nightmare Of Ashihama Wilderness World Bosses Runelite Alchemical Hydra Instance Manager Galvek Shooting Star Collection Log + Rewards Vorkath Wilderness Events Achievement Log Inferno Black Market Merchant Custom Hiscores Automated Tournaments Full Raids 1 & 2 AFK Zone Last Man Standing Wintertotl Group Ironman w/ Shared Bank Ultimate Ironman w/ Storage Normal, Extreme & Hardcore XP Modes
  6. Overload V2


    Welcome to Decimate! Thank you for checking out our amazing Server! To get everything started We are a fully custom RSPS! We Have multiple Customs!!! Such as:-Items-Bosses-Global Bosses-Instances-Minigames-Maps-Perk Tree -Pets-Upgrade table-Battle Pass We’re a server that’s dedicated to the community as we push for release! We’re trying to get the hype as big as possible! With Release right around the corner and as much product that we have in Decimate there is no doubt in our minds we can and will become the #1 Fully custom server in the scene! Things are really going to be a ride, and we would love nothing more than to have you along with us! We have a fully functioning up to date website, discord We Support nothing, but kindness and we love nothing more than an active community that respects each other!
  7. Ruinous The Brand New Rsps Released Feb 2024 The Soon to be 1# Osrs Server! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv9yi2Htiho Pictures if embded click arrow Ruinous The Brand New Rsps Feb 2024! Introducing Ruinous, where the spirit of Old School RuneScape comes alive with a perfect blend of Semi-Fast XP Rates and an exhilarating 3x Enhanced Drop Rate, making every loot feel truly worthwhile. At Ruinous, we cater to the dedicated and grind-loving players who seek a nostalgic yet enhanced gaming experience. Join us and rediscover the thrill of the grind in a world where every drop is a triumph. Ruinous - Where the journey is as rewarding as the destination! The Soon to be 1# Osrs Server! ★ - Custom Nex coming End of Febuary! Torva Zaryte C bow ★ - Faster Xp and fair drop rates for eco! ★ - Torva, Masori, Shadow and more! ★ - Theatre Of Blood Full ★ - Chamber Of Xerics Full ★ - Loads of Minigames ★ - Inferno With Waves ★ - Nice Community ★ - Collection Log ★ - Achivments ★ - Combat Achivments ★ - Runelite + HD ★ - Tons of Content With Content! ★ - Open to suggestions for New Areas!! ★ - Need a Staff and Support Team ★ - Released First week of Febuary 2024! What are you waiting for? Practice your favorite bosses and PvP right here, right now! -Links- Discord: Ruinous RSPS TikTok: Ruinous TikTok YouTube: Ruinous Youtube WebPage: Home - Ruinous Join Now! Ruinous.co.uk
  8. Atheon


    Atheon reborn is a Osrs 317 semi custom going into more custom, Brand New Server Looking for new players to test and play, looking for start and everything adding new content and weekly updates
  9. newerarsps


    LegionPS, a fresh 718 eco packed with tons of content, NEW and ready to explode with players! Features: New interfaces 718 RSPS Fully Loading OSRS/New RS3 items Large amount of bosses Several Raids -Hybrid trio Custom Chambers of Xeric Custom Theatre of Blood -Temple of Light Grand Exchange 2 item Upgrade Systems Pets and Pet bonuses Custom Pet Upgrades Custom pet: Shadow Drake Custom Dungeoneering Friendly Community Stable eco Clans with clan ranking Friends chat (similar to OSRS clan chat) Ironman & HC Ironman etc. Dominion Gloves & Tower -favourite teleports, last teleport location -Cool cosmetic wings -working brawl gloves -Boss Raid -QBD -Beerus -Cliff -New Rs3 Armours and Weapons -Rs3 Cosmetic Gear such as the Valkyrie Override as an armour set! -Cosmetic Manager -Prestige Elite zone -Area Loot -Group Ironman Links: https://gyazo.com/038c7af3314c3893d58c64a68b2b9117 https://gyazo.com/26949defde3d7128f7588c0cd9af765d https://gyazo.com/27d3bea07a3a06a8e8c5f3b3a630d36b https://gyazo.com/552b5f1244d18cf890e81952e9e406b0 https://gyazo.com/05ffcdbffe533e792432990e6d33e102 https://gyazo.com/b064639c28201e2c278b443accad0fcf https://gyazo.com/55fac6472d98e80539a9c8f2752eabfc https://discord.gg/6kRJfzmgcg
  10. Arkcane


    ArkCane 217 - OSRS WITH CUSTOM FEATURES! Use the referral Tutor at home bank, use Walkchaos or Wr3cked, to claim your free starter pack!. Noticeable features: Runelite 117HD Division Pass Prestige Relics Wheel Of Fortune New Activity boss New Weapon's, Armour, More content based towards new & older players! Custom Raid (Arbograve swamp)! Wildyman Modes Chambers of Xeric Theatre of blood Nex Earn donor ranks from just playing the game! Amazing benefits for voting, discord boosting and even donating! 2 Custom skills - Demon Hunter (DR Increaser) & Fortune (Required to upgrade gear) Free Donor rank! Amazing AFK Zone, Fast runecrafting! Custom Items Inferno Alchemical Hydra Wintertodt Grotesque Guardians Well of Goodwill Daily & Weekly Tasks Hespori World Event Tournament's Upgrade System Prestige System Friendly & Active Staff Quality updates and much more! Discord: https://discord.gg/AYVwT2uCBR Website: https://arkcane.net/ Latest update: https://arkcane.net/threads/christmas-update-general-update-30th-november-2023.271/#post-508 Media: https://arkcane.net/attachments/javaw_biy6esstvz-jpg.1744/ https://i.imgur.com/A3kVDdU.png https://i.imgur.com/hRk7Gfb.png
  11. Join Our RSPS Team as a Content Tester! Are you passionate about RSPS and want to be a part of something exciting? We're looking for dedicated Content Testers to help us shape the future of our RSPS community! Why Join Us? - Be a key player in shaping our server's content and features. - Work closely with our development team to ensure top-notch gameplay. - Early-Access to exclusive content - Staff will be picked from active testers What We're Looking For: - Enthusiastic RSPS players with a deep understanding of the game. - Strong attention to detail and the ability to identify bugs and issues. - Effective communication skills to provide clear feedback. How to Apply: - Join our Discord - Follow the Onboarding, and self-assign the role. - Start playing and familiarize yourself with our content. - Report any bugs or issues you encounter. Rewards: - Access to exclusive in-game titles and items. - Recognition within our community as a Content Tester. - Opportunity to influence the direction of our server. - Earn in-game credit for testing content and breaking code. - Most active tester receives 100M OSRS GP OldSchool BoneYard
  12. Neox


    Welcome to Neox! We are an economy-style current OSRS revision project built by a passionate, highly experienced team. With our broad range of content and hand-crafted task and achievement system, which currently features over 1,000+ unique tasks and over 50 achievements (and is ever expanding), we're sure everyone will find something to enjoy. JOIN NOW: www.discord.gg/neoxps Tasks and Achievements System Neox currently features more than 1,000+ unique tasks and achievements (all integrated into the custom Runelite plugin we’ve created), that’ll encourage players to participate in numerous activities all throughout the world. Various Miniature Quests We’ve written several “miniquests” that include boss fights from the well renown OSRS quests, like Dragon Slayer, Recipe for Disaster, and Lunar Diplomacy. Some of these quests are repeatable for loot farming and will also unlock titles. Main Content Neox currently features all skills, aside from construction which we’ll be looking to introduce post release. We also have the vast majority of minigames and side content available, such as Fight Caves, Barrows, Warrior’s Guild, Blast Furnace, Agility Pyramid, Pyramid Plunder, Wintertodt, etc; most of them are available to be easily accessed within the teleport interface. Endgame Content Currently, our only available raid is Chambers of Xeric, however we’re fully intending to add others after release. Neox currently has a fully functioning Inferno, Godwars (including Nex), all Wilderness Bosses, Nightmare, Cerberus, Alchemical Hydra, Abyssal Sire, Zulrah, and Vorkath, alongside traditional Wilderness bosses. Unique Interfaces We’ve been working on and implementing unique interfaces for just about every interaction within the game; this includes tasks, shops, donations, voting, teleports, challenges, title management, pet management, mystery boxes, etc. We will be continuing to overhaul interfaces post launch. Runelite Integration Neox currently uses Runelite as the main client and has fully integrated several of Runelite’s features, such as live highscore loading, and the drop table tracker. We’ve also implemented a unique plugin that allows for players to track their progression through the various tasks and achievements features throughout the game. Challenges Through designated windows of time (such as daily, weekly, and monthly), players will be prompted with numerous challenges to complete that come with a variety of rewards, such as bonus experience or mystery boxes. Resource Bag Neox features a unique internal mechanic that allows for players to make use of our Resource Bag, an item that acts as a storage deposit for skilling items to improve the overall quality of life for skilling across the board. This item comes with a fixed *weight* allowance, and having weighted each considered skilling item, will allow a certain threshold to be deposited. This item’s weight allowance can be upgraded by completing different achievements throughout the game. And So Much More!
  13. TARN SERVER Come join the new Tarn Server. Custom to the core! Custom areas, bosses, items, battlepass, forge, trading post, slot perks, enhancements, upgrades, tower, raids, and much more! Come join the unique experience at Tarn Server today!
  14. 60+ Bosses & 100+ Pets! RuneRealm has a vast variety of additions to OSRS, many custom skilling pets and outfits, for each skill at least one, providing experience boosts in their respective skills! Many bosses with their own Collection logs and unique rewards! Custom RuneLite client & OpenGL HD Our own custom client with similair plugins to the infamous RuneLite, but without allowing player made plugins. We have full GPU support, HD, Menu swappers, NPC markers, Tile markers, Exp trackers and calculators, even a Custom Highscores lookup tool! Our 35+ existing plugins will have what you need, if not a simple feature request will get it implemented. 4+ Years of Development means this is the most CONTENT PACKED server out there! Different Gamemodes Besides the already familiar Ironman, Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman mode, we also have an Extreme mode available for each of them. Being an Extreme player will decrease your XP rates to 1/5th of a normal player, but you will have the additional bonus of a 20% Rare Drop rate boost! Unique Points System Participating in PvM, Bossing or Skilling will provide you additional points which can be spend in their designated shops to unlock even more cool rewards! We have so much more to offer, but you should find that out by yourself! Unique Custom Home 160+ Pets and Special Pet Effects We have over 160 different pets, some of which have very unique effects, for example soulsplit like effects or xp/accuracy boosts. You can toggle from your pet effect menu (you will unlock this effect as soon as you have the pet follow you atleast once, then you can use the effect with any pet you like for cosmetic purposes). With our pet storage system you can deposit and withdraw your pets from anywhere, making a pet hunt also fun for UIM. Prestige Abilities After prestiging a skill you will earn prestige points, that can later be used to unlock passive abilities to even further assist you in your adventures, like doubling the amount of cannonballs your cannon can hold, an amulet of aggression that will turn any non-aggro monster near you aggressive, or a boost for your rare drop rates! Full Slayer Task Extensions One-time purchase and you can individually toggle the extensions forever Custom Donator Zones Nex Nightmare Theatre of Blood Alchemical Hydra Ethereal Revenant and Armour The Ethereal Revenant and many more custom bosses Media:
  15. 35+ Bosses Group CoX and ToB (custom raid coming soon) Full Nex Frequently Running Events: Tournaments, Vote Boss, Boss Spotlight, Well of Goodwill, Shooting Stars System for crafting items together Multiple tiers to end-game items Collection Log Daily rewards Unique perk system with global abilities enhanced league sigil system Drop rate bonuses 5 different slayer paths Reduced waves Inferno Full clan wars and pest control Achievements & Diaries Bonus XP Weekend F2P Skilling Zone Discord Integration
  16. Play now Join discord Gladiator awaits a brave warrior willing to go full force against our mighty foes. Choose between waves of enemies or player vs player arena. Chests are one of many rewards that can be obtained in Gladiator. There are many aspects of the game which can only be discovered through playing Gladiator.
  17. Brand NEW OSRS Private Server The #1 Economy Experience - Play Now - Play Now (Direct) - Website - Discord Group - Crazy OSRS GP Giveaways! Join the discord for giveaway winners! Welcome to CyphoraX, one of the most well developed Runescape private servers. Hosted by a professional team of developers and experienced staff members. We are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards. Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Gamble Zone Castlewars Indicated letting you know when well of goodwill is active OSRS Minigame quest tab now working to easily access minigames. Unlimited pet upgrades Group ironman friend panel Deep wilderness revenants Wilderness weapons upgrade (Craws bow (T)) Daily login rewards Theatre of blood Chambers of Xeric Gambling Daily rewards given Alert System for easier notices Auto-Donation Auto-Vote with Top Voter of the Month Forums integration Vorkath Zulrah Cerberus Ironman Group ironman Group Slayer All skills working correctly Loads of Interface Re-work (upfront appearance) Loads of time in development Fixed all player bolts, now useable. (ex: dragon, dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and their effects, etc) Added in likely highly used PvP armours. Spacious home, organized npcs and minimized the amount of data used in just the home area. Client work, lot of client lag reduces Alchemical Hydra Crafting & Fletching the new armors & weapons all works properly. No bugs, and complete smoothness. Automatic donation deals given upon ::claim 0% - 50% - Play Now - Play Now (Direct) - Website - Discord Group -
  18. naragun


    This is the perfect server to enjoy a fast start and an excellent 1 to 1 OSRS experience. Owned by the reputable previous owner of Matrix RSPS, Luke. Noticeable features All OSRS content, such as raids 1, 2 and the nightmare. Fight up to 50 mechanical and fun bosses. Challenge mode on most PVM content for the more expert click-intensive users All skills and Dungeoneering working. Refreshed upgrade system including new upgrade fragment chests and 3 tiers of keys obtainable from as little as slayer progression, all the way to raids 1 and 2. Fun minigames such as Pest control, inferno and TzHaar Fight Cave with a fun element of pking such as last man standing or spawn pk zone. An active and caring community that cares about you having the best experience Upgradable system to allow you to get ultimate gears from pvming content. All clues scrolls to bring you a great experience. All game modes including Expert, HCIM, Ironman, Duo Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and Deadman. Join now for a free box by pming Luke in-game!
  19. ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players! Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished Heaps of Minigames Full Inferno Achievements & Achievement dairy Collection log Coin pouch Full runelite HD heaps of game modes including ironman/group ironman
  20. Austen


    Welcome to Edgeville! We are an OSRS based server with a strong focus in perfecting the balance between economy and PvP. We'll provide the latest, high quality content featured in Old School Runescape, with our own unique twist!
  21. Inferno is 317 osrs semi custom, The developer have decided to build a PVP, PVM, and ECO game, so anyone who is searching for a adventure can be join us, the server offers you many content such as wilderness events, over 25 bosses (Safe, Wilderness) around the game, Perfect PVP Combat, all skilling are working and auto gambling, OSRS tournaments, and alot more of minigames, Events, The server will be driven by our community by hosting polls or by suggestions, we are taking every single suggestion in mind, i would thank you for reading about Inferno. - The developers also decided to add new system for our players which works like killing a boss for 07 bond money, so players can be enjoing at all, also our developers are enjoying watching thier players enjoying ingame. Website - Play Now Some Videos: *You can find more videos at the youtube! Website - Play Now - Discord Thank you for reading, Hope we see you ingame soon!
  22. Hello we are Skotos , we are a PVP - ECO server that allows RSGP trading between players YES we allow players to trade RSGP SkotosPK is a new PVP Yet Economy Friendly RSPS, The Server is Yet to release as it's currently in development, our release date is **May 3rd**!!!. SkotosPK strives to give every one of its players a unique yet enjoyable experience along with offering them consistent updates and improvements based on player feedback. Contentent we offer at the moment Nex Nightmare Chambers Of Xeric Custom Seren Custom Hunleff 25+ Bosses Prestige system Automated Flower Poker Custom Items Item Upgrade system Flawless pvp Wilderness bosses PVP Hotspots Pets with all kinds of abilitys Pvp Tournaments 07 GP Trading between players Full skilling Item Exange system Titles Referral system Player owned shops Daily Tasks PVP Tasks PVM Tasks Collection log with rewards Presets Instant PVP And LOTS MORE Curently the server is under development, we have ton of content that we're going to show off more on the forums, and in our discord. We have ton of giveaways planned aswell so join the discord so you dont miss any juicy **giveways** . There are Loads of Content Updates in the work, and a Release Date is **May 3rd!** Make sure you Jump into the Discord to have a look at Some Sneak Peeks 😍 Website - https://www.skotospk.com Discord - https://discord.gg/NYTcSkBTwM https://i.imgur.com/u51csam.mp4 https://imgur.com/8yasvjQ.png https://i.imgur.com/HgCPrnr.png https://i.imgur.com/hCyr5H7.png https://i.imgur.com/jU4BmRH.png https://i.imgur.com/Mzqh3KY.png