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  1. Brand NEW Live 718 RSPS Loading OSRS & Custom Content The #1 Economy Experience - Play Now - Play Now (BACKUP) - Website - Discord Group - Instagram - Crazy DAILY RS3/OSRS GP Giveaways! All you have to do to be automatically entered is play 1 hour that day. Join the discord for giveaway winners! View our Instagram to view all our latest updates as well! Stay in touch with us a lot easier with social media. Welcome to Mistex, one of the most well developed Runescape private servers. Hosted by a professional team of developers and experienced staff members, We are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards. Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Play mini-games. There is active gambling and we are always pushing out new content from Custom to OSRS. Play the the game completely free, link above. [spoiler=Noted Features] Halloween Event Custom Gamble Zone New Blood Money Boss (Azazel) Custom Staff Zone for the comfort of our staff Armour Upgrades Angel of Death custom boss Castlewars Indicated letting you know when well of goodwill is active OSRS Minigame quest tab now working to easily access minigames. Unlimited pet upgrades Group ironman friend panel Deep wilderness revenants Wilderness weapons upgrade (Craws bow (T)) Daily login rewards Theatre of blood Chambers of Xeric Gambling Daily rewards given Alert System for easier notices Auto-Donation Auto-Vote with Top Voter of the Month Forums integration Vorkath Zulrah Cerberus Ironman Group ironman Group Slayer All skills working correctly Loads of Interface Re-work (upfront appearance) Loads of time in development Fixed all player bolts, now useable. (ex: dragon, dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and their effects, etc) Added in likely highly used PvP armours. Spacious home, organized npcs and minimized the amount of data used in just the home area. Client work, lot of client lag reduces Alchemical Hydra ::toggle command, makes it easier to auto-pickup items (caskets, crystal keys, and more.) Crafting & Fletching the new armors & weapons all works properly. No bugs, and complete smoothness. Loyalty points system, gives you points for being logged in. Rewards the BEST range armour in the game. Automatic donation deals given upon ::claim 0% - 50% [/spoiler] [SPOILER=Extra Media] [/SPOILER] - Play Now - Play Now (BACKUP) - Website - Discord Group - Instagram -
  2. Greetings Adventure. Are you looking for something unique; tired of the same thing over and over. I invite you to take a dive into an RSPS like no other. Make your own teleports, open up your own shop with help from the Banker at home, or enjoy some custom designed quests with unique lore. Love to skill, but hate the bank runs, well Build-A-Bank has you covered; in select areas you can build a temporary or permanent banking chest with use of the Construction skill. Glory run out of charges, use the Enchant Dragonstone spell on the amulet with an uncut or cut to get a (4) or (6) respectively, maybe even an eternal. This project is under Heavy Development. OldSchool BoneYard (OSBY) Welcome to a project Inspired by the game driving this community, and with a touch of custom lore/content; This custom server brings you back to a time when RSPS Custom servers were not custom made models imported into the cache. Unique Content Skill points - Like Slayer tasks, Skills have Tasks that their Master will task you - Custom shops for each master - An outfit for every Skill Build-A-Bank - Using Construction and Smithing you can build temp/perm banking chest at some of the Skilling locations Magical Orbs - Ever wish you had a way to make your own teleports? - want to get back to that favorite spot? - Customized teleporting that allows you to pick the location Social Skilling - if 1 or more players are using the same fire, range, anvil, furnace, altar, etc... then the exp gained is boosted - if you have them added as a friend that's more, they have you added, even more. Connect your Discord - Boosted 10% exp - Improved account security - Collect from your kingdom with a Discord command - Price checker - Player lookup Quests - Custom designed and written quests not from RuneScape Expected Content - Almost all working Skills - Mini-games - Bosses - Quests - And more... Planed Content - Discord integration - Discord driven in-game content - More Custom Quests - Custom mini-games - Even more... Media:
  3. king77

    Slicerix 317

    Older School 317, Custom Torva, Pking, Events, Raids,Gambling/Dicing, Fresh Eco, Looking For Staff First 10 players get Donator JOIN NOW
  4. Placeholder 😈
  5. Brand new up and running 317 RSPS Raids I & II, Nightmare, Event bosses FoE Pets with bonuses Customs, Armor, weapons Normal 150x exp Ironman HC Ironman Group Ironman Rogue mode (5x exp) with ironman variants This server is still in beta as it still has to be polished, however most of the server works perfect and we would love to see new faces come and join the fight! We currently have a discord set up please join to find the download link! Discord
  6. Etherum is the most advanced RSPS, you can easily see that by checking our Features! We provide tons of unique content with the best quality out there: Constant players Hosted PK Tourney (like OSRS) PvP Campaing Skilling Prestiges Player's self hosted HP Events, Skill Events, Tournaments and many more! Hundred of events hosted by any player with awesome rewards! Nightmare | Hydra | Zulrah | Vorkath | Bork | Nex | Wildy Wyrm & Many other OSRS bosses Easy Start Instant PK Perfected combat system! AWESOME economy Perfect PvM Perfect staking Best gambling system! | Rock Paper & Scissors included! Unique Bosses & Boss Pets Perfect Slayer System | Duo Slayer Play Now!
  7. The Best of GrinderScape - The 1# Economy-Gambling-PvM Server OSRS Like XP Modes - PvP Game Mode - Skiller, Iron Man and more. Lottery: We offer a very secure and fun way to bet with others! Full pet system: Every pet with its own features and dialogues. http://i.imgur.com/IU2mEHf.png Memorable events: What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!
  8. New to the RSPS scene, Zeah cuts no corners when it comes to content and quality. We offer a competitive economy, flawless PvM and PvP, the thrill of leagues, weekly updates and an active community. Our goal is perfection and nothing less. We incorporate the best of OSRS and Pre-Eoc to cater to every player. Feel free to join us on discord, forums and in-game by clicking "Play Now". Here are some of the highlights of Zeah: - Over 50 Bosses to defeat - Full Chambers of Xeric w/ ToB in development - Perfected PvP and PK Tournaments - Active community - Full Inferno, Kiln and Fight Caves - 7 Different gamemodes to choose from - Group Ironman and Hardcore Group Ironman - Every skill working - Perfected Dungeoneering - All of your favorite OSRS Minigames and many from Pre-Eoc - Community events and giveaways - Dedicated Wiki - Suggestion voting system and polls to let your voice be heard - Unique House System - Over 500+ Achievements - Relics to powerup your gameplay - Play YOUR Way mindset Releasing March 1st, 2022
  9. Drako is a fresh take on an OSRS server, combining experience from custom servers and well grounded OSRS servers. Server features. Endgame content: Fully coded COX, Nightmare, TOB - All of these end game bosses and raids have been rigorously tested and tweaked to ensure a smooth and fun gameplay experience. - Beneficial AFK features: - Fully functional and balanced Woodcutting, Farming, Fishing, Runecrafting, Mining and Hunter can be done while AFK. - AFK shop contain items that benefit skilling xp gain. - Fully coded and expertly designed Worldbosses, including a Voteboss and Donator boss: - Both bosses have been balanced with eco sustainability in mind, whilst still giving benefits to those who support the server and kill the bosses. Balanced boxes to ensure that the impact of donating on the eco is managed appropriately, keeping rarer items obtainable through only grinding. - Boxes will never contain items such as a Scythe of Vitur of Twisted bow to keep them exclusive to those who put in time to play the game. - Custom Barrows minigame: - Barrows has been given adequate QOL updates to ensure the experience is maintained but more enjoyable to cut out the irritating parts of Barrows. Ironman modes, including: Group, Ultimate, Hardcore and Group Hardcore: - Recognizing ironman as a large player demand, all modes have been added and we will always be looking to expand gameplay potential with new, exciting modes. - Suggestions will always be listened to and taken into consideration within the regular staff meetings. Fully fledged active and dedicated staff team: - We believe that the staff team creates the base of the community and pride ourselves in having an interactive and dedicated team to Drako.
  10. Features: Raids I & II Nightmare Inferno Trading Post Group Ironman OSRS Drop System OSRS PID System Collection Log Automated Tournaments Achievements Daily Login Rewards Daily Tasks RuneLite Integration Discord Integration Hiscores Voting Full construction Wintertodt Tons of skilling content Full Slayer 200M capes Gambling Boss events A few high quality customs Smooth combat Rune pouch Mystery Box spinners Customizable user experience Media:
  11. Zaryte


    Custom home with easy to navigate areas Balanced custom items and pets with effects to provide both a unique and not over done feel Classic Chambers of Xeric raids, as well as a custom Raid Custom monsters/bosses in Deranged archaeologist, Elvarg, El fuego, Lava beasts, and our all new Seren multi boss with unique mechanics World bosses/group bosses. Tournament system with rewards/riskzone and tournament point shop An automated/safe gambling system Custom slayer perks/unlockables that reward the people that grind for them Superior bosses that have custom drops, and give better drops than the original boss Functioning skilling system as well as custom max capes Forge table to upgrade/enchant certain items into better versions Velrai coin exchange to dump random items for otherwise unobtainable items Custom donator features/zones with benefits for all ranks We are also constantly updating, improving our combat systems and bringing you new bosses to keep your experience new and challenging
  12. Top quality content. Latest OSRS content with Pre EOC content such as dungeoneering, summoning, and more. Perfected combat system.
  13. Come join today #1 OSRS PVP RSPS
  14. Wintersoul is an OSRS server running #199 cache, We are focused on keeping content coming to keep players engaged! We are a semi-custom server with our own content coming out as well as trying to keep up to date with whatever OSRS releases! We are focusing on realistic gameplay but faster progression throughout Wintersoul. Now for what you've been waiting for! Some of our highlighted content will be listed below... Come check us out to see it all! PLAY NOW
  15. Exilium Beta announcement! At Exilium we strive to bring the best experience to our players! We have everything that you would expect from osrs including: Zulrah, fully working nightmare, FLAWLESS Group ironman!, kraken, cerberus, COX, TOB, and much much more! We are a brand new Server and community! All we are missing is you! We will be releasing a public beta in two weeks! We are in developement! If you see anything you want added now is the time! Hope to see you on! Join our discord for sneakpeaks!
  16. Allstarlegends Oldschool Nostalgia Has Returned! Please join us at: https://allstarlegends.eu Discord: https://discord.gg/ZH75adnRkv Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxZw74xQQy-ReSMbYo5avw/videos Oldschool runescape private server! ::yell for everyone! Eco server 22 working skills Double exp weekends Auto Vote Auto Donate Hiscores Market
  17. OldSchool BlissScape is a new Old School RSPS that just entered opened BETA! Come join the development of this new Old School server and help shape its future! The server will NOT be reset once it leaves BETA! This server is owned by the same owner as the 718 version of BlissScape! If you want a more complete experience check that server out!
  18. Homepage || Downloads || Forum || Discord Server we are relaunching on 1st of december 2021 join the discord for updates Welcome to WildyPK a OSRS Spawn and Pking Server Bosses: The nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss , Custom Barrows rise of six boss and all wilderness bosses Features: Anti scam gambling, Weapon Updates & Enchanting, Duel arena, custom high risk area (all items drops regardless), PKing Tournaments (1v1) , shooting stars, custom items Custom Items: Items like the korasi sword and ring of vigour, Torva and Recolours of justicar and Ancestral with better stats aswell as upgradeable rings and weapons with better stats and effects And loads More..
  19. Welcome to the official Gauntlet advertisement thread. After endless hours into coding, we decided to announce the release of one of the coolest semi-custom servers! I would like to thank Kronos for releasing the base we have worked hard on to create something outstanding and unique for the RSPS scene. With this OSRS based server, we had to expand the content and gameplay progression more to make it fit perfectly. At Gauntlet we bring you everything OSRS has to offer up to the 194 data, with additional items and content to make it even more fun. After release, we will poll most of our updates so the community decides what comes into the game! Our development team exists out of multiple talented and fairly new coders, that work on the server as a full-time job! We are Economy-based, with a lot of content for PVM, but also a lot of focus on Player-Killing. Make sure to join our discord and sign up on our forums so you will not miss anything towards release. We also released our $1000+ competitions as well as invite competitions and giveaways that are LIVE now! Down below you will find media and links. Website: https://www.gauntletps.com Discord: https://discord.gg/NQnWKve5JP $1000+ competitions on release day: $300+ discord invite event: GAUNTLET WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 15TH OF OCTOBER 2021. ( 8PM UK+1)
  20. farchest


    new server I am working on some stuff, started off with local host with me and my girlfriend playing together now we wanted others to play. website : http://farchest.com/ Discord : download : [https://www.dropbox.com/s/p655710dp2rcl3y/Farchest.jar?dl=1 http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Home.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/hour-box.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/trading-post.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/max-cape-effects.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/vote-shop.png
  21. Impulseps

    Impulse PS

    Impulse | Active 317 | | 30+ Bosses | | 25 skills | | custom skills | | custom pets | | mostly osrs with some custom items | | Unique Pet System with custom slayer pets | | Hydra's | | Chambers of Xeric | | Custom Skilling and Donator Zones | | Advanced Hiscores | | Professional and Active Staff | | 3 Game Modes | | Custom Items | | OSRS/RS2 Hybrid | | Player Driven Content | Check out our website today and join us on Impulse! Website Join us today! Impulse Discord