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  1. We are Gauntlet... A unique osrs server with alot to offer, releasing beta very soon.. Looking for people to join the community towards release. A new server has arrived, Gauntlet is full OSRS with a touch, making it a adventure and a pleasure to play! We are almost launching our open beta, and plan to release early april.. Join us now! BRAND NEW SERVER. Beta testers will get a insane starter package on release! This server is still under development, we will update this thread on a common base to stay up to date with the game! Stuff we are working
  2. Play NOW Welcome to WildyPK FEATURES: || Login & Start PKING || PvM Bosses || Boss Pets || Customs || HighRisk Zone & More ::Commands ::Master ::Pure ::Item (id) (amount) Loads more...
  3. LuzoxPK


    Important Links Website - Discord LuzoxPK is a PK server that has just launched! We've put in 1 and a half years of development! We are purely based on the PKing aspect of the game. However we also provide every skill trainable and bosses and slayer monsters to slay. Come and Play Now! Check out the content! Bosses Callisto, Cerberus, Chaos fanatic, Corporeal beast, Crazy archeologist, Dagganoth kings, King black dragon, Kraken, Lizarman shaman, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Venenatis, Vet'ion, Scorpia and the Chaos elemental. World bosses Tekton, Zom
  4. (+) USE REFERRAL CODE IN-GAME: ::Referral Zenith (+) > Website < > Discord < Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7. We're developing daily based upon player suggestions and ideas, plus the extensive creativi
  5. Unbelievable content! CUSTOM RAIDS. Check us out here: https://www.aurelius-ps.com/
  6. insignia rsps is now looking for beta testers to help with the development of our server, were trying our best to make our server a community based rsps, some of our bosses you wont be able to take on without a clan, so this server in some terms will really rely on people working with each other and building a wholesome community (without the custom rainbow bullshit and ninja dildo godswords)
  7. Utopia


    Utopia-RSPS, best custom server. Features - Custom Home🏠 - Raids. - Multi bosses. - Starter progression system. - Custom yell tags. - Soloraids. - Dragon ball raids. - Auto gambling💸. - Active community. - Weekly updates📝. - Daily bosses📆. - Progression system📄. - Tasks with rewards. - Achievements system🏆. - Server perks. - Unique bosses/monsters. - Afk tree🎄 - Dragon Ball Z Quest. - Items crafter. - Player owned stores. - Events🎉 - Junk store. - Ironman mode. - Ironman store. - Hardcore Ironman mode. - Upgrade Machine. - Custom Instance Manager. - Custom Minigames. - Infinity Gaunt
  8. RuneAge


    Welcome to RuneAge We are a brand new Osrs based RSPS undergoing maintenance to bring you the content you truly deserve. Brace your self for that nostalgic feeling that enlightens you! The server is packed with content that will keep you busy hours on end wanting to come back for more :) Get involved and join in on your adventure today.
  9. Welcome to RuneRealm! We have an active and balanced economy thanks to our amazing custom auction system (POS and GE hybrid), providing a great place for Skillers, PvM'ers and PKers alike. With a lot of unique content you won't find anywhere else, we offer a semi-custom experience building upon your Old-School experience instead of ruining it. Different Gamemodes Besides the already familiar Ironman, Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman mode, we also have an Extreme mode available for each of them. Being an Extreme player will decrease your XP rates to 1/5th of a normal player, but you w
  10. mrhotzz

    Norse Rsps

    🔥 🔥Norse Rsps🔥Rulelite🔥Mobile 💥Ruleite https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvdvjmhuyptyekn/HotzScape.jar?dl=1 Mobile🔥🔥 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsuplz158d81tmf/HotzScape.apk?dl=1 🙃🔥We value our players of utmost importantance in our push onward into the future. We believe that everyone has an input towards our common objective as a community. Feedback is greatly appreciated, feel free to have your say and ensure you check out our polling system for changes!🔥🙃 🙃
  11. krakenps


    Our website can be found here: Website Our Discord can be found here: Discord Just launched 25-01-2021, 11:30PM UK TIME ZONE Introducing Kraken, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any other. Kraken is a 317 loading osrs, made with the capable hands of one developer, Kraken include's many different customization options to meet any players desires, i tend to accomplish this by working closely with the community to provide exactly what you're looking for. I flourish off criticism a
  12. Welcome to Ely. The leading 718 with OSRS mash-up. Why choose us? If your a fan of the true Pre-EoC feel of RS - you found it. Instead do you prefer OSRS? You have a home here as well. We are not only a mash-up of content between multiple revisions - no, we offer more. We expanded many areas of the game with Ely-exclusive content such as the famous Graetoriax the Unbroken (exclusive boss) & Ruins (a dangerous minigame). Not concerned about the end-game content? We got you covered. We offer a massive & engaging Training Zone for our new players. No more wondering, "where
  13. CUSTOMS | 12 Bosses | 5 Game Modes | Full Clue Scrolls | Automated Gambling | OSRS Trading | Perfect Slayer | OSRS items | Boss Pets | Perfect Skilling | Boss Contracts | Lottery | Fun Pk | Warrior
  14. RuneWar have relaunched. Inferno - Raids - Zulrah - Vorkath - Ice Queen - Glod - Weekly Events - Vote4Rewards and so much more! See you in game.
  15. Play Now, click here: Sakra - 2020 Release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOuUSuVvOIo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwJcUPgKj0E https://gyazo.com/10b50444c3a971e02bd0f11858075e44 https://gyazo.com/f2346f15dabf9db77e641b0f3dc5bd6e https://gyazo.com/67f5e1da2c528cf29bf6e4ccf85cd903 https://gyazo.com/0366a6b50de39c43222932fec7ab8259 https://gyazo.com/49bcad3d3c71b82ca71a3490845412ef https://gyazo.com/836f56e82ff3c2d7063b54eb28d5b036 https://imgur.com/a/e0hzaGI [SPOILER=Media:] https://gyazo.com/0b386a19c01225f17112d2131c6e7206 https://gyazo.com/5b5d5a72df
  16. Kyan


    hello , arcus just launched its a 317 server osrs+eoc (ruse base) , it has a lot of osrs items/npcs/interfaces also it has some custom items/npcs etc.. also redone alot of client + source codes to make it more clear , fixed alot of things bugs/dupes etc.. Event going on ! hope to see you in game! ❤️ reworked pking - added pkp, and reworked pkp shop. added 525 maps , with wilderness ditch . Custom yell title + colors. added skilling point with shop. added inferno + jad last wave with pets. added osrs items. Added vote + hiscores. added osrs bosses pets. added osrs
  17. Low rate server | New release 2021 | Elo rating | Bosses | Gambling | Enchantment Chest |OSRS | Edgeville home hub | Own Property | Dedicated server | Active updates | Events | Economy | Community | Double EXP Event temporarily
  18. LAUNCHER | WEBSITE | DISCORD Hello everyone!RuneArrow full release is finally here!Ask your friends to join us and have some fun! Good luck! PRE-EOC and OSRS content 20x experience rate High quality content Over 150 unique achievements Economy Trading post Membership bonds Media you can found here.
  19. Elderscape, The Best Oldschool Server! With Fully Integrated RuneLite Client! Elderscape is currently in Open Beta! When the Open Beta ends all user accounts will be reset. All active beta testers, who actively find bugs will be rewarded upon release!