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**True-Battle** is a brand new RSPS. Our team is made up of people who have been in the scene a long time and have finally created something we all love. Back to the roots. Uncomplicated and straight to the point.
Whether you're a blood-thirsty pker, an intense clicking skiller or love a boss challenge; we have it all. Our developers have a keen eye for creativity & attention to detail. Whilst we are not perfect we strive to be the best we can to provide you, the community with the best OSRS RSPS experience possible.
Come see why we are so different from the rest, you won't regret it!
Currently in open beta and looking more members. Currently offering:
+Perfect PvP & Eco balance
+Full gambling
+Custom slayer
+Semi-Spawn server
+Custom minigames
+OSRS Bosses & Custom bosses
+Daily tournaments
+Advanced pk bots
+Numerous PvM training areas
+Achievement diaries (More to come)
+Skilling areas
+Professional and Mature team
+Plenty more content to come