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 Welcome to Edgeville 


⚔️  Edgeville is a 317 server loading higher revision data, we aim our game to be nothing less than perfect, for any user, Skiller, Player Killer, PvMer, Achievements, Hunter and competitive players. At Edgeville we strive for perfection, we understand even the smallest bug is important. Stay up to date with our 📊-updates channel, we aim to be entirely transparent with our entire community. 


 ⚔️  Our dedicated team at Edgeville comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always looking to help, even us owners will dedicate a portion of our busy day to come ingame and answer questions and communicate with the players.


 ⚔️ So come join us, check us out and see what you are missing out on. We are full of unique fun content and you may even make a friend or two.


✔️ Our promises ✔️

We will never add content that the community does not wish to see ingame, everything is up for the players! We want to make this game the most enjoyable RuneScape Private Server to date (perhaps in history).

If you notice a bug/glitch, please post it in our 🐞-report-a-bug channel! If it’s account related, feel free to open a support ticket in our 🎫-open-ticket channel.


Some popular features of our server:
💎 Daily Updates💎
💎 Active community forum💎
💎 Active staff in game💎
💎 Hosted on top-of-the-line dedicated servers💎
💎 Fully functional bank tabs💎
💎 Complete clan chat system [All ranks, Correct RS Lootshare]💎
💎 Flawless combat💎
💎 Dwarf Multicannon💎
💎 120+ Achievements/Diaries [Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite]💎
💎 Instant open Clue Scrolls💎
💎 Perfected farming💎
💎 All skills working💎
💎 Jad/Kiln, Barrows, Duel arena, Pest control, Fight Pits minigames💎
💎 15 boss including Zulrah, Kraken, all Godwars Dungeon, Corporal Beast, Hespori & wilderness bosses💎

💎 Raids 1 & 2💎
💎 All boss pets💎
💎 Tons of titles💎
💎 Max cape and Completionist cape💎
💎 Particules💎


It’s gonna be huge!