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Ethereal - A fragment of time.


We are an new OSRS server that strives to bring balanced, unique content that seamlessly goes along with the known OSRS content.
We are a community committed to being welcome and responsive to all players and providing consistent updates to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.

Website: Ethereal
Discord: Ethereal RSPS

Feel free to type ::refer and then RuneList once you get ingame for some free goodies!

Ethereal RSPS Trailer - Brand-new OSRS RSPS! - YouTube





We host a lot of OSRS content with plans to bring a lot of unique, custom content to differentiate ourselves from other servers.

- Fully functional RuneLite client - 117 HD, with plans for hiscores and trading post integration 
- Different XP modes - Choose between Regular (50x combat and skilling XP) - and Veteran (10x combat and skilling XP, with increased double drop rate and a title) to fit your playstyle
- Custom tutorial - to get the player acquainted with Ethereal-specific content!
- All skills working - including full POH, rooftop agility, and planned post-level 99 content
- Daily tournaments - get your PKing fix; no requirements needed!
- Dozens of bosses - including unique ones such as our Runebound behemoth and Chronozon bosses
- Custom content - aims to be integrated with OSRS content - nothing too overpowered
- Custom achievements - Each giving fun, unique rewards
- Several minigames - Wintertodt, birdhouses, ZMI altar, etc. to provide alternative ways for skilling
- Recipe and perk system - to provide item/gold sinks for nicer equipment and passive benefits respectively
- Slayer superior monsters - with unique drops
- and much more!


Unique home area, offering many amenities such as an AFK tree, limited restoration pool, skilling nodes, and more!

Custom slayer areas, providing unique drops and experiences with interesting mechanics for each NPC


Vote boss to incentivize voting

Convenient teleport interface to get around the world

Elite versions of existing bosses to drop upgrades to gear!

Seasonal events to spice up the gameplay

Extra ways to skill, including birdhouse runs and falconry

Custom achievements that involve you going across Ethereal to complete for rewards!


Unique donator benefits to incentivize helping out the server - but nothing that will impact the economy too much


Full hiscores and trading post integration, with the former being on the Runelite client as well!



Transparent owner and developers that listen to every suggestion and bug report - your feedback is the most important to the success of Ethereal.


Upcoming and Current Events

We have a lot of events to keep our players occupied and keep the server feeling fresh!




Ethereal RSPS Trailer - Brand-new OSRS RSPS! - YouTube

A lot of content is yet to be added, due to it being a work-in-progress. We have a huge vision for this server, and want to differentiate ourselves a lot and make this a destination for PvM, skillers, and PvPers alike. We hope to get your support!