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Vanguard | 317

Vanguard is a brand new semi custom 317 server

Competitions & Events
🏆Discord & In-Game competitions
🌟Community events & Seasonal exclusives
Friendly community & experienced staff members

Content & Features
✦ Cerberus, Kraken, Vorkath, Vennenatis and Zulrah
✦ Legendary Pets with unique abilities
✦ 7 Different game modes including Ironman, Hardcore Ironman and group ironman
✦ Gear presets and loadouts to switch between setups quicker
✦ Earn rare pets through Skilling and Bossing
✦ Active Wilderness activities and events such as Boss spawns, Skilling events, PvP Bots, Hotspots and Bounty Targets
✦ Automated events such as Skill of the day, Shooting Stars, crystal tree, Vote boss and World Boss
✦ Convient right-click options added to every Skill for quick and easy teleport options
✦ double XP weekends
✦ Multiple custom donator zones
✦ OSRS & Pre-eoc content
✦ custom home
✦ Automatic Donation System
✦ Achievements
✦ Well for bonus XP & Rewards
✦ All 22 skills fully funcional
✦ Tournaments
✦ Raids
✦ Nex
✦ Quests
✦ Multiple fun playable minigames
✦ Semi custom server with unique pets & items
✦ Gambling
✦ Eco/pvm/pvp
✦ & much more come check us out!