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Welcome to Neox!

We are an economy-style current OSRS revision project built by a passionate, highly experienced team. With our broad range of content and hand-crafted task and achievement system, which currently features over 1,000+ unique tasks and over 50 achievements (and is ever expanding), we're sure everyone will find something to enjoy.


JOIN NOW: www.discord.gg/neoxps


Tasks and Achievements System
Neox currently features more than 1,000+ unique tasks and achievements (all integrated into the custom Runelite plugin we’ve created), that’ll encourage players to participate in numerous activities all throughout the world.

Various Miniature Quests
We’ve written several “miniquests” that include boss fights from the well renown OSRS quests, like Dragon Slayer, Recipe for Disaster, and Lunar Diplomacy. Some of these quests are repeatable for loot farming and will also unlock titles.

Main Content
Neox currently features all skills, aside from construction which we’ll be looking to introduce post release. We also have the vast majority of minigames and side content available, such as Fight Caves, Barrows, Warrior’s Guild, Blast Furnace, Agility Pyramid, Pyramid Plunder, Wintertodt, etc; most of them are available to be easily accessed within the teleport interface.

Endgame Content
Currently, our only available raid is Chambers of Xeric, however we’re fully intending to add others after release. Neox currently has a fully functioning Inferno, Godwars (including Nex), all Wilderness Bosses, Nightmare, Cerberus, Alchemical Hydra, Abyssal Sire, Zulrah, and Vorkath, alongside traditional Wilderness bosses.

Unique Interfaces
We’ve been working on and implementing unique interfaces for just about every interaction within the game; this includes tasks, shops, donations, voting, teleports, challenges, title management, pet management, mystery boxes, etc. We will be continuing to overhaul interfaces post launch.

Runelite Integration
Neox currently uses Runelite as the main client and has fully integrated several of Runelite’s features, such as live highscore loading, and the drop table tracker. We’ve also implemented a unique plugin that allows for players to track their progression through the various tasks and achievements features throughout the game.

Through designated windows of time (such as daily, weekly, and monthly), players will be prompted with numerous challenges to complete that come with a variety of rewards, such as bonus experience or mystery boxes.

Resource Bag
Neox features a unique internal mechanic that allows for players to make use of our Resource Bag, an item that acts as a storage deposit for skilling items to improve the overall quality of life for skilling across the board. This item comes with a fixed *weight* allowance, and having weighted each considered skilling item, will allow a certain threshold to be deposited. This item’s weight allowance can be upgraded by completing different achievements throughout the game.

And So Much More!