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Server Has A LOAD Of Options Which Some Of It Includes:
-All Skills Trainable
-25+ Shops
-Loads of Areas Usable
-Grotworms RS Spawn Locations
-QBD With Rewards Room
-Dominion Tower (Not bugged Just Fix Rewards)
-Different Teleport Styles Per Teleport Command
-New Rank For Server Owner Includes Its Own Crown (Reg owner has a dif crown as well)
-Admin Crown Is A Golden A
-Mod Crown Is A Silver M
-Loads Of Item Fixes (Just need to finish the options for the attack styles so it doesnt have kick, punch etc..)
-Custom Items (Like at least 15-20 of them)
-Loads Of Custom Commands (like ::fly ::flash ::red etc..)
-All Emotes Working On The Emotes Tab
-Custom Emote For Nomad Cape (As well as a new custom Multiplayer Dungeon For it)
-Multiplayer Kalphite Queen
-Multiplayer Construction (Yes yes I know you guys love single player con just fix the handler)
-Special Summoning Pets (Removed death at hunger and pets grow after you feed them 5 items)
-Special Owner Player Option *Rampage* That Allows You To Hit Anyone Anywhere
-Special Owner Commands Such As ::trial :eathsentance :eathsentance2 and so on
-Yell Color Recoloring (Use Hexadecimal Color Codes – All players can use the command)
-Donator Zone Is Huge And Is Traveled To By The Boat At ::crabs
-Godwars Is Reconstructed (You need Keys to open god doors made from Key Parts (Ids 20120, 20121, 20122, 20123, 20124))
-Easy To Load And Has Great High Detail Settings
-Client Can Be Renamed As Well As The Cache Name It Puts Into Your User Folder
-Snelm Crafting
-Thieving Guild
-All Agility Arenas Coded (Just need to finish up wildy course)
-New Banker Dialogue (exchanges 2b coins for a Money Cert)
-Jadinko Lair And Vines Coded
-Polypore Dungeon Objects and Spawns Coded
-Custom ::afk Zone (Make sure to read what it tells you)

You can add me In-Game “Dan” I am Owner, I am Looking for Staff & Players will be keeping this server running for the foreseeable future