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If you’re in search of a true pre-eoc gaming experience, look no further than Velheim RSPS!

Velheim seamlessly blends RS3 content with a pre-eoc client, allowing you to relish the classic combat mechanics and interface while diving into the latest RuneScape 3 adventures. Our commitment to authenticity shines through in over 400 original RS shops, a fully operational Grand Exchange with dynamically fluctuating item prices reflecting supply and demand, and accessible drop rates set at 1/200 for exceptionally rare loot. Moreover, we offer an array of special tables, including Raptor keys, Crystal keys, Crystal triskelions, Rare drop tables, Wilderness shared drop tables, and many more! You’ll never run out of exciting objectives to pursue.
Velheim server infomation
Normal mode: x200 EXP
Novice mode: x50 EXP, +2.5% drop-rate boost
Classic mode: x2 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost
Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost
Hardcore Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +7.5% drop-rate boost
Group Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost, collaborate with four other GIM players
Ultimate Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost, no access to banking