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Mageps.com May 6th Launch ::welcomeback



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Mage is trying to be your most memorable RSPS/Game. After the Refresh there is no other RSPS with content similar to ours. Enjoy passionate game design, and an experience like no other. A True Custom Adventure from start to finish.



Custom 99-135 Slayer

You can skip all requirements needed when on a slayer task. Meaning if you have not unlocked that zone, but are on a task you may do it without worrying about requirments. This makes grinding zones much easier, more fun, and of course more rewarding. Now you are not limited to the same linear progression. The progression is now randomized between the first 10 zones, then the next 10 zones, and etc. We hope this is a major addition to Mage, and we are really glad to have it here on our server. Two years later Mage has Slayer!




A brand new Relic system where you can upgrade tiers by completing a different kinds of achievements.




These Achievements legit took hours, on hours maybe 20-25 hours per tier, so each one is balanced, and has the proper teleports, and worked great for new players to learn the game and unlock relics! Hard and Elite coming soon!

Easy gives 10 Achievement points per completion



Custom Armour

Wearing the full set will give a 50% chance to hit a 3rd line with any of the Magic staves, Blood Staff, Crystal Staff, Trident of the Seas, Goku Black Staff, and Evil Goku Staff


This is an upgrade to the soul orb, obtained by using a Roseblood on a Soul Orb.

This will give 20% Magic Damage increase(If this is determined too OP, we will nerf to 15%, and Soul orb to 10%)



50% chance to save a Rune, such as glacial rune (e) and any of the other (e) runes.

Making it the new and only BiS Magic cape pretty much



Upgrading Interface

We have started on a new ::upgrade interface to help get rid of old outdated stuff, or early game stuff into making mid/end game stuff. More stuff will be added here with the suggestions of the players, this is just the start!