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[SELL] Content packed 667 Source/Client/Cache

About My Services

Asking Price: $500 USD

Payments accepted: PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, BTC, OSRS GP

Copies Sold: 0/3

Discord: Dbcrazy#5454 (Unique ID: 327568090462289930)


Hello, I am currently selling up to 3 copies (maybe less) of Rune Decay 667. This is a content packed server that has been a passion project of mine for almost 4 years now.


Here are some notable features included in the package:

  • Auto-updating Launcher (easily modified to fit your brand)
  • Website files (including webpage, forums, vote, donator, hiscores)
  • All working skills including Dungeoneering and Construction
  • OSRS Data packed in the cache and working, including Maps. (Vorkath, Zulrah, Cerbeus, Kraken, Vennenatis)
  • Fully functioning Collection Log (Exact copy of OSRS interface)
  • Nightmare Zone mini-game
  • 7 Game modes including Ironman / Hcim
  • TONS of bugs, crashes an optimization cleaned up
  • Fully working Nex
  • Area Looting feature
  • Custom bosses such as Lucien, Blink, Kar'lak the pummeler
  • Tons of great interfaces already coded
  • Fully working Grand Exchange system
  • Game Perks (works off of Donator points)
  • PvP Bots (with different gear setups, they tele, eat and spec, all that)
  • Shooting Stars, Penguin hunting, Evil trees
  • Rotating World events for Bossing / Skilling including Wilderness automated events
  • OSRS Style revs with Craws bow, viggoras etc as drops
  • TONS of OSRS models are packed in the cache (NPC/Object/Item models)
  • Extended render distance with client zooming
  • Keypress abilities (Space for dialogue skip, HOME on keybaord for home tele, etc)
  • 4 Custom Maps made by Stugger himself are already packed in the cache
  • Working Mini-quests such as RFD, Lunar Diplomacy, Desert Treasure and more

And I'm sure I have missed countless other content or features I just can't think of atm.


Some Media:


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