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Welcome to RuneList, the next generation RSPS community! The staff team is working very hard to keep the community up and running. We're currently in BETA, which means some content might not be as expected. If any errors occur please PM an moderator+. Thanks and stay safe!

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, please click an category on your left. Following by a click on a certain question. If there's no answer to your question please contact any moderator. We will gladly add your question and answer to our FAQ.


Forums are the medium for communication alongside the discord channel. Members may create threads, polls, comment, leave reactions, etc. for others to see. Doing any of the aforementioned points requires an account. You may create an account by clicking "Register" in the top-right corner.

Regular members can leave 3 reactions per day. If you want an increase, you will have to upgrade your account to Pro or Pro+.

You can submit a ticket and report them or get in touch with a staff member of RuneList.


Everyone is allowed to add unlimited amount of stores to the RuneList marketplace. But remember, your store has to be active at all times. If the store isn't active, please set the store to "Not Available". If you have an inactive store, please remove it before creating a new store.

If you're 100% sure that the "bad" reviews are incorrect, then please contact an Jr. Moderator (or higher) to remove the negative review.

You can report the user to the team of RuneList through the forums or via a direct message. Apart from that there is very little we can do.

You can report the user to the team of RuneList through the forums or via a direct message.


You can vote one time every 12 hours. So if you have at 11 AM (11:00), you can vote again at 11PM (23:00).

You can not buy votes off of RuneList. However, you are capable of buying a highlighted banner which will make your server stand out on our toplist. You can also buy sponsorship for a limited amount of time which will put your server at the very top.

Very simple. Head over to the toplist page and login to your account. Once you are logged in, simply click on the "Add Server" button. Fill in the information, and your should be on the toplist.

If your account has been banned or if you have limited access to the website, you ought to discuss it with the team of RuneList. You will more than likely have to create an appeal, or try to neutralize the situation. Voting is available for everyone, even for those who do not have an account.

You can either report it on the forums, or send a direct message to one of the staff members of RuneList. They will look it over when they find the time to do so and will return to you with a solution.

Send a message to the Runelist founder, Sander#6152.


Pro has a one-time fee ($14.99) which means that you only have to pay once to obtain the rank. Pro+ has a monthly fee ($24.99), where you have to pay at the end of each month in order to maintain the rank. The two ranks also have differences when it comes to benefits. Make sure you read them over in the forum knowledge base.

After you upgrade your account to either rank, you have 7 days to change your mind. However, if you take part of any benefits then you invalidate that period. This is to ensure that members do not purchase the ranks, take use of their advantages and then refund. Make sure you send a message to the staff team if you regret making a purchase to easen up the process.

Send a message to the RuneList founder, Sander#6152 and discuss it. You may negotiate some kind of agreement.


All advertisements last for one month. However, users may contact the team of RuneList if they wish to buy out an advertisement for a longer period of time.

No. You can setup an advertisement for anything, as long as it fits the dimensions (728x90 & 300x250) it should be good to go.

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