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What are the forums for?

Forums are the medium for communication alongside the Discord channel. Members may create threads, polls, comment, leave reactions, etc. for others to see. To get started, you must create an account by clicking "Register" in the top-right corner.

How can I leave more reactions?

Regular members can leave 3 reactions per day. If you would like the ability to leave more reactions will can upgrade your account to Pro or Pro+ HERE.

What do I do if I believe someone is breaking the rules?

You may report this individual to RuneList staff by submitting a ticket.


How many times can I vote?

You may vote one time per every 12 hours.

Is it possible to buy votes or a certain spot?

RuneList does not offer votes for sale. However, by being a Pro+ member your Toplist listing will stand out from the rest with a highlighted box. You may also purchase Sponsorship for a limited amount of time to place your server at the very top of the list.

How can I setup my server?

Head over to the Toplist page and login to your account. Once you are logged in, simply click on the "Add Server" button. Fill in the information, and your server will be added to the toplist.

Can I add a server to the toplist or vote if my account is banned?

If your account has been banned or you have limited access to the website, please submit a Support Ticket. Voting is available for everyone, even for those who do not have an account.

I am having technical issues with the toplist, what should I do?

Please submit a Support Ticket to RuneList staff and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Where can I buy highlights and sponsorship for my server?

Highlights are automatically reward for users with active PRO+ membership. For a sponsored server listing you can send a message to Sander/Chanston, on discord or on the forums. More info on both listings can be found here.

RSPS Launcher

Do I need an account to use the launcher?

Yes, you do as the launcher and our website are connected.

Why should I use the launcher?

The launcher doesn't serve the purpose to replace clients or launchers directly from the server developers. It is only there to serve as an alternative. However, using our launcher comes with certain benefits. By using it, you will have access to a social system to track friends across multiple servers. In addition, you can also track how much time you have spent on each server and see a live player count. Finally, if that isn't enough, we also have an achievement and leveling system for you to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing various servers.

How are servers added?

There will be three categories we account for when choosing servers.

  1. Validity: How long has the server existed? Who are the people behind the game? What experiences have they shown? Is their overall reputation positive, negative, or neutral across various communities?
  2. Reliability: How reliable is it? What are the chances of it containing malware in the present/future? Are there previous records of it containing malware, database leaks, etc?
  3. Practicality: Is it worth adding the server? How many players are and would be playing it? What is the expected lifetime.

In addition, we will also play-test each server that is being added in order to ensure that we can guarantee a top-notch experience. It should be right to be added to the launcher, to increase server traffic and overall player happiness rather than something everyone does to get a player or two.

If a server passes through all of these factors, it is added to the launcher.

How can I switch to dark/light mode?

Click on the 🎡 Settings option, and then check the boxes for dark and light mode to toggle between the two.


How many stores am I allowed to add?

All members are allowed to add an unlimited amount of stores to the RuneList marketplace. If a store of yours is no long active, then you must delete the store before creating a new one.

My store has some bad reviews but they are false, what to do?

If you're 100% sure that the "bad" reviews are incorrect, then please contact a Runelist staff member assist you in removing the negative review. Be prepared to provide proof.

Someone scammed me, what can I do?

You may report the user to the Runelist staff by submitting a ticket or by contacting us on Discord. Any individuals proven to scam on RuneList will face disciplinary action.

How do I get rid of an imposter on the Marketplace?

You may report the user to the Runelist staff by submitting a ticket or by contacting us on Discord.


What are the differences between PRO and PRO+ membership?

PRO has a one-time fee (€14.99) which means that you only have to pay once to obtain the rank. PRO+ has a monthly fee (€6.99), where you have to pay at the end of each month in order to maintain the rank. The two ranks also have differences when it comes to benefits. Make sure you read them over here.

What can I do if I bought PRO/PRO+ but regret doing so?

After you upgrade your account to either rank, you have 7 days to change your mind. However, if you take part of any benefits then you invalidate that period. This is to ensure that members do not purchase the ranks, take use of their advantages and then refund. Make sure you send a message to the staff team if you regret making a purchase to easen up the process.

Is it possible to pay a larger amount and keep PRO+ for a longer period of time?

Send a message to the RuneList Manager, Sander#6152 to discuss it. You may negotiate some kind of agreement.

Advertisements FAQ

How long do advertisements last?

All advertisements last for one month. However, users may contact the team of RuneList if they wish to buy out an advertisement for a longer period of time.

Are advertisements strictly RSPS-related?

No. You can setup an advertisement for (almost) anything, as long as it fits the dimensions (728x90 & 300x250) it should be good to go. If you want to make sure your advertisement is following the community rules, feel free to message any Manager.

How does an ad banner "buyout'' work? 

RuneList ad banners are monthly auto-recurring, so this means it must be cancelled by the renter or 'bought-out' in order for it to be available again. If an ad banner is not available, then you have the opportunity to buyout the spot by offering more than the listed price ($25+ increments). The current renter of the ad banner has the opportunity to make a counteroffer of $25 or more than the 'buyout offer.' If the current owner does not wish to counteroffer the buyout, then the buyout offer is accepted. In this case, RuneList will cancel the current renter's auto-recurring ad subscription and the new buyer will pay the 'buyout' price offered.