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    (317) Selling my project


    Hey guys,
    I am selling my most recent project, the package includes the most recent client, cache and source.
    It's based out of Elvarg which is very stable. Please note that this is a project and still requires some work. Although it's pretty unique and has a lot of potential.
    The reason I'm selling my project is mainly because I need some funds to pay my drivers license and I'm planning to focus more on my kids and personal life.
    The price I'm looking for is $250 for a copy. I will also guarantee you service after purchase, so if you need any help or have any questions, I will help you out with pleasure.
    I will limit this sale to 4 copies to prevent it getting leaked.
    COPIES SOLD: 0/4
    [*]Loading OSRS data (191_2)
    [*]717 animations with smooth animations
    [*]717 model header so you can easily implement higher revision models
    [*]Price checker
    [*]Upgrading system
    [*]All sprites are packed into the cache
    [*]Squeal of fortune + daily spins
    [*]Custom Runespan minigame to train Runecrafting
    [*]Unique teleportation with chatbox
    [*]Presets interface perfect for pking
    [*]Diaries system with interface
    [*]Achievement system
    [*]Full screen interfaces
    [*]OSRS skill guide interfaces
    [*]Client has fog, particles, ground textures and Z-buffering
    [*]Skill orbs
    [*]Auto vote/auto donations added
    [*]Lovely custom maps that you can use yourself (skilling area, runespan, home area)


    Curses with tooltips:

    Evil trees spawning every hour:

    Toggleable ground item names/timers:

    Price checker perfectly working:

    Custom runespan minigame with interface, still needs some love but works perfect:

    Weapon upgrades:

    Premium membership manager (still needs some work): 

    Squeal of fortune with daily spins:

    If you'd like to purchase a copy, you can add me by pressing the discord button under my "Rep Power" or add me manually (Not Alex#8205), that's my one and only correct discord. 
    If you do not have discord, feel free to send me a private message on here.
    I only deal with serious and mature people. 
    Thanks in advance,
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    EZRSGold - RuneScape Shop


    Selling/Buying OSRS/RS3 Gold!
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    ✧ Chanston's Custom Map Design ✧


    Welcome to my world of pure imagination...
    Where you may find well-planned, aesthetically pleasing custom maps to add to your server.
    My passion for design is found within the details of my work. 
    This means I am prepared to spend countless hours to ensure your project perfectly compliments the world it exists within. 
    Whether you are looking to purchase a new map or edit an existing one - you've found your guy! 
    No project is too big or too small for me and I always do my best to fit any size budget. 
    My streamlined process will help guide you through the entire project to bring your vision to life.

    Custom Homes
    Donator Zones
    Boss zones
    Minigame areas
    Gambling zones
    & much more

    Send me a detailed description explaining what you would like me to create (include any drawings or pictures you have) and your budget. If you're not sure what you want, then I am more than happy to create something using my own imagination. 
    Once the design and overall scope of work is confirmed I will provide you with a quote and estimated time of completion. 
    Once payment is received I will begin your project and will require a copy of your cache to ensure compatability. 
    I will update you with progress pictures throughout the design process with the option to screenshare for live viewing where you can provide to me any edits along the way.
    Once you have confirmed the final version you will send me any remaining balance due, then I will send you the .gz files for implementation. 
    Test it out and let me know if any additional changes are needed and I will fix them free-of-charge up to 30 days after completion.

    My rates are priced per project and fluctuate depending on the scope of work. 
    Please send me a message for an accurate quote. Any budget is welcome! 
    If you have a set budget in mind, I will do my best to meet that or even stay below it. 
    (See Example Pricing Below)


    I require either a non-refundable deposit or full payment upfront before I begin. No exceptions.
    All details for your project must be formally agreed upon in writing before starting.
    Any additions may be subject to additional charge. 
    I do not offer implementation. Only design services.
    I have the right to refuse or cancel any project. If I cancel, then you will receive a full refund.
    All sales are final. No refunds. 
    If I made any mistakes, I will fix them for you at any point up to 30 days after your project has been completed. 
    I have the right to use pictures/videos of any work I create within my portfolio.
    I will NOT re-use, re-distribute or re-sell your map EVER without your consent.
    You may NOT re-sell or re-distribute my work at any point. 

    UID: 316837801557491714

    "Celestial Home" Project #10
    "Ahoy Donator Zone" Project #9
    "Gerben's Rimmington" Project #8
    "Kozaro/Shilo Custom Edgeville Home" Project #7
    "Deadman Island" Project #6 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Map)
    "Pokebattle Arena" Project #5
    "Gambling Zone" Project #4
    "Dragonball Z Boss Arena" Project #3
    "Re-purposed Sorcerer's Garden" Project #2
    "Underground Castlewars" Project #1

    (Please note: Since this is a new website and I have not built reputation here I have posted vouches I received on R-S)

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    • Design & Animation

    Interface styled launchers


    This is based of and works how the RuneLite Launcher works.
    Add as many dependancies to your client without worrying about a huge client - this launcher downloads all deps seperately and runs client with them.
    Having to manage a JSON file, easy though
    Message me on Discord for a price
    You will need to do some sort of mock-up in paint
    I may ask you to write out what you want on each tab(if you want tabs)
    Video example attached
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    Nima's Design Services✅Affordable✅Quality✅Illustrations✅& More! Click Here


    ◈The way It works◈
    Your needs are the most important aspect of our transactions.
    When we conduct business on any platform I hope to keep everything professional.
    I aim to complete your request in a timely manner but will not rush to get it done.
    If quality can not be attained in an x amount of time more time will be requested.
    If you are not happy with the progress of the design, please say so.
    Revisions are unlimited for all customers regardless the request.
    Inquire details below.

    I work with multiple Adobe Software's such as Photoshop, and Illustrator.
    Given that my prices may very per request. This may differ based upon client needs
    Contact: Nima#2001 Via Discord
    Rsps Design Services
    (I am currently only offering Logo Designs)
    ◈Logo $20
    YouTube Design Services
    ◈Avatar $10
    ◈Channel Art $20
    ◈Other - Pm me

    ◈Social Media Designs $15
    ◈Discord Designs $15
    Selling Premades (Shown Below) - $15
    Colors can change, and your server name plugged in.

    Recent Work



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    HostHappy.net | Website & VPS Hosting


    Easy Switch to HostHappy ◉ 99.9% Uptime ◉ Ultra Fast 10 GBPS Ports ◉ Promo code "RUNELIST21" for 10% off

    Please visit our website at https://hosthappy.net/
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    Ohana's YouTube Services


    Hello, I'm offering my YouTube Advertisement services for those who wish to take advantage of it! 

    I've been making videos for nearly a year and my channel is currently growing fast, as I've just partnered with Zenyte and am now doing videos for their Zenyte Official YouTube Channel. 

    Link to my YouTube Channel:

    Some of my videos:

    Servers I've worked with:

    I offer services such as:
    Server &/ Home Tour:
    The most usual request I get is generally showing off the server's most unique aspects, this is done best by simply doing a server tour where I introduce the players to the server.
    I haven't done as many series as I'd want to, reasons behind this is usually due to how long they take to film. Though if you'd like me to continuously make videos on your server, having some sort of series would be the best way to do so!
      Pricing and Contact (currently offering bundles):
    1 Video - $40
    3+ Videos - $30 each
    5+ Videos - $25 each 

    Discord: Ohana#1809
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    Hey I'm Cleric. I was gone from the community a few years back because of finishing my studies.
    Thanks to covid I have freetime and decided to give offering interface services a shot.
    The price may vary dependant on the scope of work/interface wanted.

    Interface services for any Revision (EX: 317, 508, 562, 614, 718, etc.)
    Looking for a developer to partner up with!
    Interfaces are made with the use of Displee's Interface Editor tool, which packs the interfaces directly into the cache!
    Customized interface frames

    First Image - Most recent
    Link to portfolio: Click here!

    Payment is upfront, unless you are a trusted member of R-S/Sythe
    PayPal Payment is done through Friends & Family only
    Payments done through OSRS are upfront, no matter who you are
    Refunds will be made if I decide not to complete your order
    Development/Code is not provided unless stated beforehand
    If I ask you anything regarding the service, I expect you to respond within
    an appropriate amount of time
    Re-selling my work is prohibited
    All orders will be used for advertisement purposes on my Thread or Discord
    Additional stuff to edit/add/remove, after I've begun, may result in additional charges

    The amount for each order varies due to the scope of work.
    Usually my work is priced at $5 - $10 (Easy work) & $15 - $20 (Harder Work).
    Additional stuff to edit/add/remove, after I've begun, may result in additional charges

    Private message me through discord! Always use the clickable link that I've given below as it directly leads you to my DMs instead of adding me, as I sometimes have nitro and change my # to something else.
    Autumn Leaf#0001
    Discord: Autumn Leaf#0001
    UID: 497053641740517387

     10 Off-site Vouches

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    Probemas - RuneScape Gold


    Hello Everyone!
    We are Probemas, the most trusted RS Gold Site today.
    We sell OSRS and RS3 gold, and deliver them to you instantly.
    Buy your gold from us with confidence.
    Buy OSRS Gold
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    Use code "Runelist" for 4% more gold, just for free!

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    ❉ Marketing & Server Management ❉


    TeJay's Management And Marketing Services.

    I've been in the community for about 4 years now (4 years of Running - Managing - Developing - Content Creation). And tons of years as a player (before that.)
    I started my first server back in 2017, and when I look at it now, It was the start of something beautiful, as it led me to gain a lot knowledge about how servers work, rise, fall, progress and deteriorate. Which leads me to here today, offering my skills, knowledge and experience to the community.

    Main Focus in Management:
    I will be interacting with the community on daily basis and will help keep the player-owner interaction alive, by acting as a bridge, so you can focus on other important tasks.
    Collecting suggestions and player's thoughts about a specific thing or the whole server in general and forwarding them to the authorities. And vice versa.
    Incase of mishaps and emergency situations, keeping the community intact and taking them through the process so they don't feel like they're being neglected in any way, and are satisfied.
    In short, working as the owner's right hand and managing everything along side. (More or less if needed).
    Main Focus in Marketing:
    - I have a lot of contacts in the RSPS Scene, which in short, means good rates and quality at several things, including but not limited to - Graphics, Ads, Development, Content creation etc.
    - Finding effective Ad spots and Youtubers in the scene that provide reasonable rates when compared to their click / play ratio.
    - Cheap but effective ways of Adverts (discord, social media, etc).
    - Branding of the server. To make sure we have a solid branding which attracts the attention of the audience.
    - Bringing in players and potentially youtubers that are contracted for long term, leading to their fans joining in and staying.
    Side Skills (That come along with the Management & Marketing Services):

    Video Editing; Including but not limited to Trailers, Teasers, Promotional Videos.
    Motion Graphics (Animations); I create animations, be it discord icons, or characters. I do it all. 
    RSPS Development; I'm no where a professional but since most of the times I would had to work on my server by my self, I gained a lot of knowledge about how RSPS functions (front-end and back-end) and thus am able to code. Including but not limited to bug fixes, content, additions, etc.
    I'm open to all sorts of discussions, Since some servers struggle with funds, I'm more than happy to work in your budget till it increases if the project seems promising and worthy of my services. I may or may not be interested in server revenue, depending on the server and the community. 

    My work is in no way limited to the services mentioned above, those are just a overview of what I generally offer. If there's more you want, I'm down to discuss it.
    Thank you.

    Some of my service threads for reference:
    Coding Services

    Video Editing & Motion Graphics
                                                                                   - Chanston
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