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    ALL services are done by hand always without bots. 24/7 live-chat support. Friendly. English speaking. Vpn's are used. Custom client with encrypted passwords and more!

    We offer OSRS services, OSRS questing, OSRS minigames, RS3 questing, RS3 skilling and all sorts of digital accounts at mmopurchase.com!
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    LTB: Custom RSPS


    I'm making the first transitional step into owning & managing my first RSPS. I know that custom servers are the way forward, and I'm looking to invest into this in the next week or so. 
    I'll be bringing my own team with me. I'll be hiring freelance dev's, which eventually will join me as lead developer along with chosen partners. I won't mention how much I'm willing to invest, however if you have a source that you believe will fit my requirements then I'll consider. 
    Comment here with interest, don't be stupid and believe me being a new owner means I'm stupid, because I'm not. So I'll know if your source is leaked, full of viruses, dirty or isn't genuine. Only serious sellers are welcome here, and if I decide not to buy your source, please respect my decision and don't try to haggle. Price is price, if I see something I like, I'll make an offer.
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    Friends OsRs Services


    4 years plus in OSRS business without any customer complaints about bans. When dealing with us, you’ll be dealing with RuneScape professionals, We prepare all accounts manually. If you face any problems after purchase, please feel free to contact us, We will do our best to serve you well. Because your trust is our real victory. Stay safe thank you

    Discord ID: Asad786#1877
    Unique ID: 552176180678361108
     Server: https://discord.gg/sjc6kvE4Sj
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    Hello i have been around scene for long time behind scene, I have decided to make a thread due to a lot of requests.


    DISCORD: L4ZY#5873

    Vouch for @L4ZY Highly skilled man, he’s extremely reliable and always provides extremely high quality work! I Recommend Working with him!

    @L4ZY This man deserves nothing but respect. Made us maps, interfaces and logo’s. Also while calling and screensharing.. SO FUN TO WATCH! Replies fast, works fast, very helpful and most important, very respectful. Keep it up my man! From Luzox to Ferox to ValinorPK always nice to work with you.

    Pico fun
    BIG vouch from me, @L4ZY had made me 6 customs maps ( on live stream ) custom interfaces, logo's and advertising signs and even custom icons for my donator ranks and staff

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    Hello everyone, 
    Im still "new" to Gaphic Designers. If have done befor GFX but never did fully intressest in it. 
    Now i'm trying to make something with it. Hoping to get better aswel. 

    This are some examples already:

    Wanna see more please pm me on discord

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    Royal Services - OSRS Services


    Discord - # Bulis#5026
    Unique ID - 538689280969801738
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    Buying 317 RSPS server


    Hi all,
    I'm searching for an RSPS server that is similar to the linked server below.
    Arcus RSPS - Runescape Private Server | Moparscape
    Unfortunately the owner of the server isn't willing to sell me a copy.  I mainly want to use it for single player use but might have intentions to hire dev to work on it so eventually can upload to play with close friends.
    If anyone can link me a server similar, I am willing to pay for it or have one developed that is similar.
    Please contact me if anyone could make a similar like this!
    Absolutely desperate!
    If that is not possible is there anyone who can help me build and setup a server from scratch including website highscores etc.?
    Contact me 
    Many thanks and kind regards,
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    (317) Selling my project


    Hey guys,
    I am selling my most recent project, the package includes the most recent client, cache and source.
    It's based out of Elvarg which is very stable. Please note that this is a project and still requires some work. Although it's pretty unique and has a lot of potential.
    The reason I'm selling my project is mainly because I need some funds to pay my drivers license and I'm planning to focus more on my kids and personal life.
    The price I'm looking for is $250 for a copy. I will also guarantee you service after purchase, so if you need any help or have any questions, I will help you out with pleasure.
    I will limit this sale to 4 copies to prevent it getting leaked.
    COPIES SOLD: 0/4
    [*]Loading OSRS data (191_2)
    [*]717 animations with smooth animations
    [*]717 model header so you can easily implement higher revision models
    [*]Price checker
    [*]Upgrading system
    [*]All sprites are packed into the cache
    [*]Squeal of fortune + daily spins
    [*]Custom Runespan minigame to train Runecrafting
    [*]Unique teleportation with chatbox
    [*]Presets interface perfect for pking
    [*]Diaries system with interface
    [*]Achievement system
    [*]Full screen interfaces
    [*]OSRS skill guide interfaces
    [*]Client has fog, particles, ground textures and Z-buffering
    [*]Skill orbs
    [*]Auto vote/auto donations added
    [*]Lovely custom maps that you can use yourself (skilling area, runespan, home area)


    Curses with tooltips:

    Evil trees spawning every hour:

    Toggleable ground item names/timers:

    Price checker perfectly working:

    Custom runespan minigame with interface, still needs some love but works perfect:

    Weapon upgrades:

    Premium membership manager (still needs some work): 

    Squeal of fortune with daily spins:

    If you'd like to purchase a copy, you can add me by pressing the discord button under my "Rep Power" or add me manually (Not Alex#8205), that's my one and only correct discord. 
    If you do not have discord, feel free to send me a private message on here.
    I only deal with serious and mature people. 
    Thanks in advance,
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    EZRSGold - RuneScape Shop


    Selling/Buying OSRS/RS3 Gold!
    Always for the best price!
    Live Support 24/7 at:

    Discord: EZRS#5916
    Discord Unique ID: 493008701628612619

    - No ID needed.
    Purchase Here
    Get 10% more gold - buy with Crypto!
    (Can also be used on top of bonus code)

    Bonus Gold Code: Runelist - 5% Bonus!
    Payout methods when selling gold:
    - PayPal ( Instant Payments )
    - Crypto ( Instant Payments )

    EZRSGold Account shop! 30% flash sale! Welcome to our OSRS account shop - a place where you can find over 40 different account builds! Our team of 14 people will do our best to provide you with the best account builds.   We have over 4 years of experience in selling Runescape related products and services, however we are new to PlayerAusctions, for that reason we are currently offering discounted prices until we build our reputation.   FAQ:   What are the risks associated to buying an account?   A lot of accounts that are being sold by other sellers may have had several owners. This leaves you with the risk of losing your account if one of the owners decides to recover it. Furthermore, the previous owner could have used 3rd party software while training the account, leaving you with the risk of getting banned. Buying from us eliminates these risks.     What makes you different?   Our accounts are made to be sold. All of the accounts are hand-trained and have no email address registered. This makes it the safest way to buy an account, because You will be the first owner of the account, you will know the first(and only) password that was used on the account and the email you set will be the first registered email on the account - you will know all of the necessary information needed to recover the account.     How can you offer so many different accounts?   We have a team of people dedicated to training OSRS accounts. Each account trainer trains multiple accounts at once to reduce the cost of the accounts we offer. The accounts are trained via remote connection and all of the accounts are trained on European/American IPs. Most of our staff members live in developing countries, so we are able to provide them with generous salaries while keeping the cost down.     Can you build me a custom account?   Sure, just send us a message and we will discuss the details.     What other accounts do you offer?   Be sure to check out our listings! We offer an array of accounts such as obby maulers, baby pures, staff of the dead pures, ranged pures, gmaulers, PK ready accounts with desert treasure and mithril gloves, MAXED accounts (99str,att,def,hp), maxed mains with ranged/magic, barrow glove starter accounts, mains with barrow gloves, ironman accounts with 99 firemaking and/or graceful outfit & many other builds.   We sell a huge variety of OSRS accounts. LISTINGS! BEST PRICES! FOR AWESOME ACCOUNTS! We accept [PayPal/OSRS Gold/Crypto] Contact our customer support at Here!
    Online 24/7.
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    ✧ Chanston's Custom Map Design ✧


    Welcome to my world of pure imagination...
    Where you may find well-planned, aesthetically pleasing custom maps to add to your server.
    My passion for design is found within the details of my work. 
    This means I am prepared to spend countless hours to ensure your project perfectly compliments the world it exists within. 
    Whether you are looking to purchase a new map or edit an existing one - you've found your guy! 
    No project is too big or too small for me and I always do my best to fit any size budget. 
    My streamlined process will help guide you through the entire project to bring your vision to life.

    Custom Homes
    Donator Zones
    Boss zones
    Minigame areas
    Gambling zones
    & much more

    Send me a detailed description explaining what you would like me to create (include any drawings or pictures you have) and your budget. If you're not sure what you want, then I am more than happy to create something using my own imagination. 
    Once the design and overall scope of work is confirmed I will provide you with a quote and estimated time of completion. 
    Once payment is received I will begin your project and will require a copy of your cache to ensure compatability. 
    I will update you with progress pictures throughout the design process with the option to screenshare for live viewing where you can provide to me any edits along the way.
    Once you have confirmed the final version you will send me any remaining balance due, then I will send you the .gz files for implementation. 
    Test it out and let me know if any additional changes are needed and I will fix them free-of-charge up to 30 days after completion.

    My rates are priced per project and fluctuate depending on the scope of work. 
    Please send me a message for an accurate quote. Any budget is welcome! 
    If you have a set budget in mind, I will do my best to meet that or even stay below it. 
    (See Example Pricing Below)


    I require either a non-refundable deposit or full payment upfront before I begin. No exceptions.
    All details for your project must be formally agreed upon in writing before starting.
    Any additions may be subject to additional charge. 
    I do not offer implementation. Only design services.
    I have the right to refuse or cancel any project. If I cancel, then you will receive a full refund.
    All sales are final. No refunds. 
    If I made any mistakes, I will fix them for you at any point up to 30 days after your project has been completed. 
    I have the right to use pictures/videos of any work I create within my portfolio.
    I will NOT re-use, re-distribute or re-sell your map EVER without your consent.
    You may NOT re-sell or re-distribute my work at any point. 

    UID: 316837801557491714

    "Celestial Home" Project #10
    "Ahoy Donator Zone" Project #9
    "Gerben's Rimmington" Project #8
    "Kozaro/Shilo Custom Edgeville Home" Project #7
    "Deadman Island" Project #6 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Map)
    "Pokebattle Arena" Project #5
    "Gambling Zone" Project #4
    "Dragonball Z Boss Arena" Project #3
    "Re-purposed Sorcerer's Garden" Project #2
    "Underground Castlewars" Project #1

    (Please note: Since this is a new website and I have not built reputation here I have posted vouches I received on R-S)

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