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    Ohana's YouTube Services


    Hello, I'm offering my YouTube Advertisement services for those who wish to take advantage of it! 

    I've been making videos for nearly a year and my channel is currently growing fast, as I've just partnered with Zenyte and am now doing videos for their Zenyte Official YouTube Channel. 

    Link to my YouTube Channel:

    Some of my videos:

    Servers I've worked with:

    I offer services such as:
    Server &/ Home Tour:
    The most usual request I get is generally showing off the server's most unique aspects, this is done best by simply doing a server tour where I introduce the players to the server.
    I haven't done as many series as I'd want to, reasons behind this is usually due to how long they take to film. Though if you'd like me to continuously make videos on your server, having some sort of series would be the best way to do so!
      Pricing and Contact (currently offering bundles):
    1 Video - $40
    3+ Videos - $30 each
    5+ Videos - $25 each 

    Discord: Ohana#1809
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    Available Services

    • Social Media

    ❉ Marketing & Server Management ❉


    TeJay's Management And Marketing Services.

    I've been in the community for about 4 years now (4 years of Running - Managing - Developing - Content Creation). And tons of years as a player (before that.)
    I started my first server back in 2017, and when I look at it now, It was the start of something beautiful, as it led me to gain a lot knowledge about how servers work, rise, fall, progress and deteriorate. Which leads me to here today, offering my skills, knowledge and experience to the community.

    Main Focus in Management:
    I will be interacting with the community on daily basis and will help keep the player-owner interaction alive, by acting as a bridge, so you can focus on other important tasks.
    Collecting suggestions and player's thoughts about a specific thing or the whole server in general and forwarding them to the authorities. And vice versa.
    Incase of mishaps and emergency situations, keeping the community intact and taking them through the process so they don't feel like they're being neglected in any way, and are satisfied.
    In short, working as the owner's right hand and managing everything along side. (More or less if needed).
    Main Focus in Marketing:
    - I have a lot of contacts in the RSPS Scene, which in short, means good rates and quality at several things, including but not limited to - Graphics, Ads, Development, Content creation etc.
    - Finding effective Ad spots and Youtubers in the scene that provide reasonable rates when compared to their click / play ratio.
    - Cheap but effective ways of Adverts (discord, social media, etc).
    - Branding of the server. To make sure we have a solid branding which attracts the attention of the audience.
    - Bringing in players and potentially youtubers that are contracted for long term, leading to their fans joining in and staying.
    Side Skills (That come along with the Management & Marketing Services):

    Video Editing; Including but not limited to Trailers, Teasers, Promotional Videos.
    Motion Graphics (Animations); I create animations, be it discord icons, or characters. I do it all. 
    RSPS Development; I'm no where a professional but since most of the times I would had to work on my server by my self, I gained a lot of knowledge about how RSPS functions (front-end and back-end) and thus am able to code. Including but not limited to bug fixes, content, additions, etc.
    I'm open to all sorts of discussions, Since some servers struggle with funds, I'm more than happy to work in your budget till it increases if the project seems promising and worthy of my services. I may or may not be interested in server revenue, depending on the server and the community. 

    My work is in no way limited to the services mentioned above, those are just a overview of what I generally offer. If there's more you want, I'm down to discuss it.
    Thank you.

    Some of my service threads for reference:
    Coding Services

    Video Editing & Motion Graphics
                                                                                   - Chanston
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    Available Services

    • Social Media
    • Other



    If you're looking to advertise your Private Server you're at the right adress!
    I make reliable cheap quality advertisement videos for you, and I'm an easy person to communicate with.
    I'm currently only working with a select group of servers, I'm sorry!
    If you have an interesting project or server and you think I should know about it feel free to have a chat with me! 😃
    Watch out for imposters, make sure to double check my Discord tag or ask for a verify through rune-server or my channel.
    The fact that I offer this service doesn't mean I make video's for any server.
    The server must fit me, I must like it and I don't make random video's saying how great something is.
    I want to make something entertaining to watch (and to make ofcourse!).
    Ofcourse I do understand that opening mystery boxes that are being sold in the donator store could benefit your server income, but is 
    far from entertaining to watch and make in my opinion.
    At the end your goal would most likely be to gain more players, and I'm pretty sure that your playerbase can also grow when having solid content
    instead of those sell-out mystery box with two rounds of raids video's. 🙂
    "Was a pleasure working with Nes, was easy to communicate with, and friendly! Looking forward to future content!"
    100 % REALNESS
    ★Featured video★

    ★Some servers I've worked with★
    ★Servers I'm currently working with★

    ★Some video's I made★


    ★Payment methods★

    ★Good to know★

    Click the banner to quickly get to my channel!
    I'm currently only working with a select group of servers, I'm sorry!
    If you have an interesting project or server and you think I should know about it feel free to have a chat with me! =)
    Watch out for imposters, make sure to double check my Discord tag or ask for a verify through rune-server or my channel.

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    If you're looking for any kind of server management you're at the right address!

    ★I can offer you the following things★
    Discord server setup
    Discord server management
    Private server management
    ★People I've worked for★
    Nes RSPS
    Host Dean
    Noobs Own
    & more!
    ★Good to know★
    I'm offering my services in return for payment via OSRS coins or PayPal. I can do almost any service upon request, add me on Discord and we can discuss an agreement.
    Some of my services include Discord server setup, management and RSPS server management.
    ★Payment methods★


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    Available Services

    • Social Media