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7 Ways to Advertise your RSPS

Advertising your Runescape private server is one of the keys points to a server's success. In fact, it is perhaps the most important aspect of attracting players to your RSPS. Together with having unique / bug-free content and a motivated team, your server can become a great success. There are many great methods which you can utilize to advertise your RSPS. All options are good, but the best practice is to combine a variety of advertising strategies – don’t put all of your eggs in one baske


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Simplicity RSPS Review

Simplicity Review Simplicity is a feature-rich pre-EoC Runescape private server filled with a variety of semi-custom content and other notable Oldschool Runescape content. This server is staffed by a team of 28 individuals and played by as many as 250 players at a time (on average). This RSPS possesses a very entertaining mix of both familiar and unique content found through exploring skills such as Dungeoneering and Summoning, or by taking on a multitude of exciting bosses and minigames. P

3 Steps to Attract Players to your RSPS

When it comes to bringing in more players to your RSPS it is normally a bit of a struggle at first. So today I would like to take the time to explain the 3 most important steps you can take to boost your Runescape private servers player count. While everyone has their own idea of how to properly run their server it is always good to keep in mind that there is also a right and wrong way on how to broadcast your server to attract people. The information I am going to tell you is based on principle

Alora RSPS Review

Alora Review Alora was released in November 2016 by Omicron and is now in its fifth year as a RSPS. During the years of its existence Alora has steadily climbed the ranks of Runescape Private Servers and is now known to be amongst one of the largest and most stable available on the market. With lots of content to offer and many active players; Alora seeks to entertain those who are seeking for a real adventure! Interview  SilverNova: Please tell us something about the history of A

Roat Pkz Review

Roat Pkz Review Roat Pkz is an OldSchool Runescape private server with a heavy focus on PvP and is packed with a variety of both exciting and innovative content appealing to multiple types of players, including PvM too. Founded by Gretar in 2011, Roat Pkz has been running smoothly ever since with over 400 active players online daily! Considering its many years of success and massive player base, it is clear Roat Pkz is one of the leading RSPS for a reason. In this server review, we will b

What is a RSPS Toplist?

A RSPS toplist is a list of the top Runescape Private Servers currently available to play. A RSPS list is organized by the most popular servers found at the top of the list, descending to the least popular servers. Several top RSPS list exist today that contain hundreds of unique servers for you to choose from. See a RSPS list About RSPS Toplists The popularity of a RSPS is determined by the number of votes it has received by players on a toplist. Players can vote for a RSPS every 12-2


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What is a RuneScape Private Server?

A RuneScape Private Server, also known as RSPS, is a user-made gaming server based on the original game 'RuneScape'. Even though they may look the same as RuneScape - RuneScape Private Servers are actually not affilated with Jagex, the original creators of RuneScape. Instead they are managed by individuals or small online teams dedicated to re-creating their own version of the game. This means you cannot use your RuneScape account to login to a RSPS, and vise-versa.  The birth of RSPS


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What makes a great RSPS?

Creating a RSPS is not as easy as it may seem. It requires a lot of time, planning and effort from multiple individuals in order to create a server. But creating a server and making it popular are two different things. In this news post, we will cover all the aspects of what it takes in order to create a successful RSPS. Creating a popular RSPS Step One: Planning The first step is one of the most important. It involves thinking about what type of server you plan on hosting and wha


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How to play an RSPS?

If you are new to the Runescape Private Server scene, then you might find yourself overwhelmed by the countless, flashing advertisement banners and lists of servers. With so many options available and multiple servers claiming to be the best it can be quite confusing where to begin. Lucky for you, in this guide you are going to learn exactly how to find the perfect RSPS for you to play. Gameplay Types The first thing you need to do is determine what type of gameplay you most enjoy in R


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What types of RSPS exist?

Runescape Private Servers (RSPS) have existed for many years now and in that time a wide variety of different types and revisions have been developed. In this article we are going to explore the features and differences between RSPS modes and revisions and how combining them can lead to some truly unique experiences   1. RSPS Types There are three main types of RSPS: Economy, PvP and a mix of the two. Typically, servers tend to focus on one type. In rare cases, they might attempt


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