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Zaros Review




Zaros Server Review

First Impressions Zaros offers several game modes to satisfy all types of players. Those who haven’t played a lot of ed a RSPS or took a long break can take a tour around Zaros which explains the sections rated in this review (PvM, Skilling, etc). There seems to be a lot of activity in more or less all areas of the game which is a nice change from smaller servers. While Zaros isn’t the perfect server you might ever want - It most certainly is close to being one.

Notable Features

There’s a lot of notable features such as multiple worlds, extreme player count, multiple training methods and a lot of content such as all ironman modes (normal, group, hardcore, etc) and a fancy yet simple teleportation system. It has content for days, a solid security system with 2FA, forum and email verification and even offers questing! Ho-ly! That’s a lot. Let us take a look at various aspects of the game individually to try to cover it all, starting off with PvM.

Player vs Monster (PvM)    

Unlike other private servers, Zaros has a multitude of bosses ranging from Obor and Bryophyta to the Nightmare, Inferno and Raids 1 & 2. In other words there’s a massive amount of bosses to fight, from easy ones to insanely difficult ones. There’s also the ability to use instances to avoid getting crashed or crashing others, which is a big pro for ironmen and other solo players. On top of that, the drop rates seemed pretty balanced meaning you don’t have to grind an eternity for a drop but at the same time probably won’t get one in the first few kills. One downside is that it might be difficult to fight a few monsters as certain areas are highly swamped with players.

zaros 1.png
↑ Image 1: Displaying a list of bosses including the Nightmare of Ashihama, The Inferno, Raids I and Raids II

Serveral Bosses (20+) Swamped areas
Balanced drop rates  


Skilling is extraordinary. First and foremost, all skills are fully functional on Zaros. That means you can train Agility on all courses , try out Aerial Fishing or chase imps in Puro-Puro. Secondly, there are xp boosts for those of you who hate a certain skill. You can skip a few levels in Runecrafting, or train it from start to finish by visiting Juna at the Tears of Guthix. Finally, there’s both solo and group training methods. If you’re too tired from Firemaking by burning logs, you can take on Wintertodt with a party of players to gain both experience and items.

zarod 2.png
↑ Image 2: Skilling on Zaros including outfits like the Carpenter and Lumberjack, also working minigames.

All OSRS Skils None
XP Boosts (Outfits, minigames, ect)  
Identical to OSRS  

Group & Solo Training Methods


Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)  

While Zaros offers perfect switching, formulas identical to OSRS and superb PvP content (Presets, PvP Zone, Wildy Bosses and more), the interest in PvP is lacking. There’s between 2 to 15 players fighting in various areas depending on what the time is. If you are looking for some Player VS Player action, you will have to search thoroughly to find a single fight. 

zaros 3.png
↑ Image 3: Multiple PvP teleports, but sadly even the PK Hotspot is dead.

Perfect Combat System Low PvP Interest
Presets & Overlays (Timers, ect)

Weak "PvP incentives" 


When it comes to Minigames, Zaros is unrivalled with the amount that it has to offer. With up to 19 minigames including unique mini’s like Tears of Guthix, Observatory and others, you will find yourself running from one to another in a never ending cycle of entertainment. On top of that, there are minigames for all types of players. Pkers will find themselves fighting in Last Man Standing and Tournaments, Skillers will be grinding Zalcano & Wintertodt while PvMers are busy taking down the Great Olm and Verzik amongst others. Oh, and did I mention they are all identical to OSRS?

↑ Image 4: Zaros has a lot of minigames including Tears of Guthix, Zalcano and Castle Wars.

Multiple Minigames (15+) None
Work exactly like OSRS  

Serveral Minigame Types (PvP/PvM/Skill)

Player activity     

As Zaros currently holds the most players out of all Runescape Private Servers, it fairly deserves five stars for player activity. With over 1,500 players online at all times and over 2,000 at peak times, you will have no problems finding a friend, a group or even a whole party to play the game with. It also makes the game more entertaining to play, knowing that you can speak to anyone at any time which removes the feeling of loneliness. However, as with all big games - Less attention is given to each individual player as it is impossible for a team of even 20 staff to deal with 2,000 players.

↑ Image 5: Zaros has two worlds full of people, around 1,500 players online at all times.

Easy to find friends & groups Less attention to "you" 

More entertaining

Other content     

If you’re more of an adventurer that enjoys roaming cities and doing quests, don’t worry - Zaros covers that too. There’s over 12 quests in Zaros that are identical to OSRS. Not to mention achievements that range from easy to elite such as picking mort myre fungi and obtaining mega rare items from clue scrolls. Oh, clue scrolls. Yes, there are clue scrolls in Zaros. Not to mention everything else like skilling pets, collection logs, fossil hunting and mini-quests like Mage Arena II.

↑ Image 6: As seen in the picture a player can do numerous achievements, Zaros also has RuneLite.

Collection Logs None
Quests & Mini-Quests  

200+ Achievements (Easy-Elite)

Conclusion    (4.6 on average)

Zaros is the perfect server for skillers, adventurers and pvmers. It has a lot of content no matter if you enjoy playing with others or if you’re more of a lone wolf that goes with ironman modes. The only problem is that it doesn't really have a lot of PKers for PvP action. However, Zaros satisfies the hunger of everyone else. They have the latest content and offer a lot of challenges for you. If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend you do.

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Article Written By SilverNova



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