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    • About Nova: Nova is 718 loading OSRS project. Goal is to build a friendly community and attempt to provide you a fun server to play. Join our discord and play today! Click Here -- > Nova Can view more media down below, as-well as a feature list. • Ironman | HC Ironman | Duo Ironman • OSRS Data • Daily Challenges • Daily Money Makers • User friendly interfaces • Point Pouch | Find all your points in one place • Achievements • Referral System • Home Pools | Gives temp boost • Raids • Presets • Clans • Clan banking • Instances • Upgrade Bench • Recycle Bench • Perks • Pets & Pet Perks • Daily login perks • Falador Party Room • Slayer survival • Player wars • Item lending • Grand exchange • Cosmetics  
    • Avalon is a Custom 317 Server with Loads of unique content Some features we have on Avalon include, but are not limited to: Weekly Updates Our main goal is to constantly keep moving in the right direction, we try and push updates every week, if not every other 100%. Holiday Events Every holiday Avalon will be having some kind of update in game to bring cheer and excitement to your holiday seasons. (An amazing never before seen boss will come in Avalon the mother of Christmas.) Season Pass Grind through the month with a Season pass to obtain a total of 100 extra rewards, with access to exclusive zones when completing the pass! Starter Tasks Start the game off right, 10 total Starter tasks to complete which will reward you with a great starter loadout. Daily Tasks Complete daily tasks each day you log in to! Endless Global Bosses Constantly kill Global bosses with friends and others of the community while playing Avalon. Who likes to play games by themselves anyway? Party Content Tons of different content that will require you to form a party and invite other players, From Legends Raids, to Souls of Suffering, to Necromancer, we have it all. Monthly Membership Extra benefits for being a monthly member! NO HATE No negative comments were just trying to make it out here! Great Community! Amazing players! Interested in playing? Website - https://avalon317.com/ Discord - https://discord.com/invite/EWbMsxdm78 Media: Custom Home Area Custom Monthly Memberships Voting Streak Fantasy Armor Custom Boss NECROMANCER   Customs Raids   Season Pass     Starter Tasks and Daily Tasks     Thanksgiving Event   Custom PNPC   And many more..... Join now!! Youtubers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7vKdloEXXg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13CXbF_saow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy54K0tGISM Interested in playing? Website - https://avalon317.com/ Discord - https://discord.com/invite/EWbMsxdm78
    • Huge updates! including nex! new home area! and new edge pvp system! Nex. Is. Here. -- Reigns newest wilderness boss, Nex, is here! -- Nex is a normal wilderness boss (not a world event) located directly east of the Minion of Zaros castle in the Wilderness Expansion -- Nex is located in a singles area, however, multiple people can attack the boss (recommended, as Nex is a very difficult boss to solo) -- Players will need to kill Nex's followers while defeating the boss -- Loot is dropped for all players doing enough damage to the boss (you can NOT multi log accounts to kill the boss) -- ZBC + Ancient Godsword added to the donator store -- Imbued Heart added to the Magic Shop -- "Halloween" 25% off store code has ended -- Blade of Saeldor + Scythe of Vitur removed from donator store   Home Area Revamp --The home area has received a much needed make-over! The goal here was to get rid of useless areas and make it more pvp-oriented -- Along with the cosmetic revamp, some new content has been added at home as well! -- AFK Area: Players can now use the AFK area to AFK skill: Farming, mining, fishing, agility, and woodcutting -- LMS: The LMS area from Ferox has been added on the path directly south of the GE.  -- LMS at home will be available on tomorrow's update. All new rewards coming! -- Everything has (for the most part) been consolidated into their corresponding buildings -- The bank building is now gone. The GE will now be used as the main bank source, however, bank chests have been added all around the home area -- Added more restoration pools around the home area Other Fixes -- Fixed Nex dropping glod keys. Now drops PkP Tickets to the top 3 dps -- Reverted the update that took away coin caskets from multi areas. Can now receive them again   Edgeville PvP Reward System As promised, I'm happy to introduce the daily Edgeville PvP Reward System! Players will now be able to earn tiered loot caskets just from getting kills in the edgeville wilderness area each day. See below for all of the details! -- System resets every 24 hours. The timer begins when the player first logs in that day. -- Only kills in the Edgeville pvp area will count for this system -- Almost all rewards from the caskets are pvp related items (most items from the pkp shop) -- All new interface created to display how many edge kills you have for the day, and your time remaining -- To view the interface, go to your blue quest tab > click Daily PvP Rewards (pictured below) -- The bigger the casket, the better the chance you have at receiving a rare reward -- Getting 15 edge kills daily will earn you a small pvp casket -- Getting 50 edge kills will earn you a medium pvp casket Exchanging caskets for larger ones -- Players are able to exchange their smaller caskets for larger ones. -- To exchange caskets, use them on the Arena Master at home -- Swap (3) small caskets for (1) medium -- Swap (10) small caskets for (1) large -- Swap (5) medium for (1) large Other Fixes -- Each voting site that you vote on now gives 200k gp each, instead of 50k. (Players can get 1m gp per day just from voting) -- Super mystery box removed from vote reward shop -- Pestle & mortar added to skilling shop -- AFK area xp rates adjusted to 50xp per action -- Altar of the Occult added at home in the altar building -- Fixed not being able to open the Scoreboard at home -- Removed pumpkins still being dropped -- Fixed the square in the wilderness expansion bank area that was still counting as being in the wilderness -- Fixed the barrier at the wild expansion bank not correctly moving you inside of the barrier -- Fixed the GE booths at home not giving the first click "bank" option -- Fixed the Flower Poker lanes at home so that the seeds work correctly -- Fairy ring at home fixed -- Smaller rejuve pools at home now properly restore spec as well -- Enhanced larrans keys now go to your inventory (or ground if inv is full) when an npc drops them (fixes not being able to pick them up off ground) -- Fixed the altar of the occult at the wilderness expansion bank -- Unsired drop from Abyssal Sire lowered -- Corp Beast wild cave entrance: Fixed not being able to enter when npc's are attacking you, but cannot enter if teleblocked -- Capture the Flag: Flag will now drop when player is killed -- Can now store items in the looting bag in the wilderness expansion -- Ironmen accounts can no longer open the Trading Post by talking to a GE clerk  
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