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Use RuneList's Discord Bot as an voting service for your RuneScape Private Server.

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How does RuneVote work?

RuneVote is a Discord Bot that can be used as a voting script for RuneScape Private Servers (RSPS). Server owners can add RuneVote to their Discord Server. All they have to do is invite RuneVote, add their server information (Eg. servername and description), and add the Toplists that the player needs to vote on. Players can then use commands and buttons to vote for their favorite server and claim voting rewards. And all of that can be done through Discord. RuneVote is free to use, all you have to do is register your server on RuneList's Toplist. Amazing, isn't it?


Explore a list of RSPS that use RuneVote as their Discord Voting Script.


RuneVote is very easy to setup, you can read all about it in its documentation.
The video below shows off the functionality of RuneVote.



It could be possible that you run into some issues with the RuneVote. Therefor you can easily open a support ticket at our forums to contact the staff or development team. You can also look at our FAQ for questions and answers.

Experiencing issues or need support?
Create a support ticket and one of the RuneList staff will get back to you.
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