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Membership and Advertisement updates


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Hello members of RuneList,

Here at Runelist, we have had a fantastic year. And it's all thanks to you.

From signing up our first 25 servers to marketing 150+ unique projects on our toplist. With over 750+ registered members, 

RuneList owes our appreciation to its community and patrons.

Bringing more Players to You

We are always looking to improve your experience, the service, and our traffic to better impact your project.


These constant improvements take place on a monthly basis after generating analytical reports and devising solutions based on statistics.

From the 1st of January, 2023, RuneList will undertake a transformation for the better.

New membership additions, new advertising spots, and new systems to make sure we constantly improve our service to you.


Here is what we have in stall -

RuneList currently offers bi-type memberships. The PRO, and the PRO+. These two membership options will include better perks but are subject to price change.

PRO Membership -

A facelift for PRO members includes more positive/negative reputation per day, instantly download files, utilise the Runiverse Discord Bots for free, and receive an extra point per vote.

All this and more, for only €5.99 per month.


PRO+ Membership -

Inclusions from PRO Membership + 5 extra reputation per day, dedicated premium support via Discord, access to the new 'Featured Toplist Entry', which makes your toplist listing stand out even more, and THREE points per vote.

PRO+ membership is available for only €14.99 per month.

More information about our memberships can be found here:


Upcoming Advertisement Additions -

Runelist currently offers 6 ad spaces and is about to introduce two more.

Based on our analytics, we found these two spaces to be very effective and would like to offer them to our community.

Before we go into detail, these spots are available for bidding until the 28th of December, 2022.

If you are interested, please speak with Sander via Discord.

The Carousel Ads -

An affordable alternative is soon to arrive at RuneList.

This ad will alternate between several other ads and constantly rotate between pages.

There are limited spots. If interested, please speak with Sander via Discord for pre-bidding.

The Heroes -

This new addition situates itself on the front page of RuneList. 

This includes a banner-like graphic of your project, includes two call-to-action buttons (Play Now, Learn More, and a promotional page tailored to improving your server's overall traffic.

The promotional page structure can be submitted by you or can be entirely created by our team using the media you send to us. 

There are only three spots available - if interested, act now.
Contact Sander via Discord to place a bid.

For more information on the following advertisement additions, please visit:


Once again, the team at RuneList is exceptionally grateful for the community we have. Without you, we would cease to exist. From the bottom of our Imbued Hearts, thank you.

More information will be available soon after the release of this information.

Kind regards,
The RuneList Team 


Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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