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How to play an RSPS?




If you are new to the Runescape Private Server scene, then you might find yourself overwhelmed by the countless, flashing advertisement banners and lists of servers. With so many options available and multiple servers claiming to be the best it can be quite confusing where to begin. Lucky for you, in this guide you are going to learn exactly how to find the perfect RSPS for you to play.

Gameplay Types

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of gameplay you most enjoy in Runescape. Think about what years of the game were most memorable to you. Some of those periods might include pre-EOC, RS3, or OSRS. You might also enjoy a custom RSPS which could include a mashup of more than one period (also known as a revision) of Runescape, or even something completely new. Another aspect to consider is whether you prefer PvP or Economy based play. Check out this detailed guide to learn more about RSPS types.

Finding a RSPS

Once you determine which type of gameplay you enjoy the most, the next step is to start trying out servers. By using a RSPS toplist you may find an organized list of servers ranking from the most popular to the least. However, keep in mind that just because a server may or may not be more popular than another does not mean it is any greater or lesser than others. Most all servers have something different to offer, so it is up to you to decide what you enjoy. Toplists are a great resource to find information and media regarding key features servers have to offer. Additionally, you may also find links those server’s websites and Discord where you may find more details. 

Selecting Gamemodes

Once you find the RSPS that suites you best it is time to begin your journey! Download the server’s client to play. This can usually either be find on the server’s website or Discord. Most servers allow you to create an account by simply typing a username and password, then logging in. Others may require you to sign-up on their website first. Once you login, many RSPS have multiple exp and game modes to choose from upon logging in. Follow the game’s instructions and select the best style that suites your play. Finally, it is time to have fun and explore! 

General In-game help

Runescape private servers usually offer a variety of resources to assist new players. Often times you can join the “help” clan chat in order to receive help from staff and other players. This would be the best place to connect with the community while you are clicking around and exploring. Another useful tip is to type ::commands upon logging in. Most servers offer a list of commands that players may use to navigate the game. Some of the commands might include ::home, ::shops, ::Dzone, and so many more!

In the end, it is best to try out multiple servers because there are so many options available and every server has something different to offer. You really will not know what you like the most until you try a few! 

Best of luck in your adventures! If you ever need any help at all remember Runelist is here for you and all your RSPS needs.

Article Written by Zac S



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