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How to host your RSPS?




It is one of the biggest dreams of every RuneScape Private Server player.. Owning your very own server. But that seems easier than it is. With creating your brand, hiring developers (or learning how to develop a server yourself), and marketing your server, you'll also need to find a trusted hosting company that will host your server with zero downtime. 

Today we will inform you about hosting your RuneScape Private Server. We're going to explain what you need to know to get your server online. When you have a server that is "ready" to go online, you should navigate to a hosting company's website. In this example, we are using a reliable (Private Server oriented) Hosting company, called "HostHappy". 

Once you have navigated to their site, you'll see two options. Option A "KVM Windows VPS" and Option B "KVM Linux VPS". By the way, you can also host your website via HostHappy and possibly buy a domain. Right off the bat, the most obvious difference between option A and V is the cost. Linux is less expensive on average, a Linux VPS is cheaper than a Windows VPS with the same specification. If you are a beginner and don't have an IT team behind you, a Windows VPS can be easier to manage since it can be accessed with a remote desktop with direct GUI access. Also, another benefit of having a Linux VPS is that they offer unlimited bandwidth at 10GBPS. 

At "HostHappy" they sell different packages that meet the needs of all customers. For starters, they sell 'Sapphire' which is available for both OS. This package starts at $8.99 per month for Linux and $15.99 per month for Windows. For an average server, you'll quickly need a 'Ruby' package that sells for $44.99 per month for Linux and $49.99 per month for Windows. The most expensive package sold at HostHappy is called the 'Diamond' package. It costs $79.99 per month for Linux and a whopping $84.99 per month for Windows.

A feature of this VPS is that you get 10 vCore (CPU) at 2.8Ghz, 48 GB RAM (memory), 500 GB NMVE Storage, and of course unmetered bandwidth at 10GBPS.

HostHappy may not be the cheapest Hosting Company, but they still offer the best quality servers. By the way, they stand for their priorities:

  • Easy Switch to HostHappy since they offer free migrations.
  • HostHappy continuously monitors its networks, servers, and threats to ensure a reliable environment. They stick true to their 99.9% uptime.
  • Their 'UltraFast' servers minimize your page load times because of the 10GBPS ports. 
  • HostHappy's VPS are guarded against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, with up to 150GBPS for layer 3/4 and 25GBPS for layer 7 attacks.


Make sure to check HostHappy out if you are looking to host your RuneScape Private Server.  

As HostHappy would say.. Stay Happy, Stay Online.

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