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What is a RuneScape Private Server?




A RuneScape Private Server, also known as RSPS, is a user-made gaming server based on the original game 'RuneScape'. Even though they may look the same as RuneScape - RuneScape Private Servers are actually not affilated with Jagex, the original creators of RuneScape. Instead they are managed by individuals or small online teams dedicated to re-creating their own version of the game. This means you cannot use your RuneScape account to login to a RSPS, and vise-versa. 

The birth of RSPS

RSPS first came into existence around 2005 with the purpose of learning how to create bots to automate tasks within official Runescape servers. A single-player server known as, “Winter Love,” was set up and game mechanics were studied in order to create a proper protocol for bots before unleashing them into real Runescape. Shortly following this, Winter Love multiplayer was released to the public for players to play online together. Instantly, it was a hit, and so began the Runescape private server revolution! Thousands of unique RSPS have since existed and an entire niche community of its own has flourished.

What's different about RSPS

Many players enjoy RSPS because they are oftentimes modified to offer players an easier or more unique gameplay experience in comparison to Runescape. Most servers offer features to players, such as, the ability to level their character up more quickly and collect rare items easily. In some instances, Runescape private servers even create their own custom items for you to collect, maps to explore, and NPC’s for you to interact with that are not found in real Runescape. The gameplay is sometimes so different within some servers that they require a new aptitude to play, but very fun.

If you are interested in learning how to play a Runescape private server, then read further.


Article Written by Chanston



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