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(317) Selling my project

About My Services

Hey guys,

I am selling my most recent project, the package includes the most recent client, cache and source.
It's based out of Elvarg which is very stable. Please note that this is a project and still requires some work. Although it's pretty unique and has a lot of potential.
The reason I'm selling my project is mainly because I need some funds to pay my drivers license and I'm planning to focus more on my kids and personal life.
The price I'm looking for is $250 for a copy. I will also guarantee you service after purchase, so if you need any help or have any questions, I will help you out with pleasure.
I will limit this sale to 4 copies to prevent it getting leaked.


[*]Loading OSRS data (191_2)
[*]717 animations with smooth animations
[*]717 model header so you can easily implement higher revision models
[*]Price checker
[*]Upgrading system
[*]All sprites are packed into the cache
[*]Squeal of fortune + daily spins
[*]Custom Runespan minigame to train Runecrafting
[*]Unique teleportation with chatbox
[*]Presets interface perfect for pking
[*]Diaries system with interface
[*]Achievement system
[*]Full screen interfaces
[*]OSRS skill guide interfaces
[*]Client has fog, particles, ground textures and Z-buffering
[*]Skill orbs
[*]Auto vote/auto donations added
[*]Lovely custom maps that you can use yourself (skilling area, runespan, home area)





Curses with tooltips:


Evil trees spawning every hour:


Toggleable ground item names/timers:


Price checker perfectly working:


Custom runespan minigame with interface, still needs some love but works perfect:


Weapon upgrades:


Premium membership manager (still needs some work): 


Squeal of fortune with daily spins:


If you'd like to purchase a copy, you can add me by pressing the discord button under my "Rep Power" or add me manually (Not Alex#8205), that's my one and only correct discord. 
If you do not have discord, feel free to send me a private message on here.
I only deal with serious and mature people. 

Thanks in advance,

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