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About My Services

Selling/Buying OSRS/RS3 Gold!
Always for the best price!
Live Support 
24/7 at:

Discord: EZRS#5916
Discord Unique ID: 493008701628612619


- No
 ID needed.
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Bonus Gold Code: Runelist - 5% Bonus!
Payout methods when selling gold:
- PayPal ( Instant Payments )
- Crypto ( Instant Payments )


EZRSGold Account shop!
30% flash sale!
Welcome to our OSRS account shop - a place where you can find over 40 different account builds! Our team of 14 people will do our best to provide you with the best account builds.
We have over 4 years of experience in selling Runescape related products and services, however we are new to PlayerAusctions, for that reason we are currently offering discounted prices until we build our reputation.
What are the risks associated to buying an account?
A lot of accounts that are being sold by other sellers may have had several owners. This leaves you with the risk of losing your account if one of the owners decides to recover it. Furthermore, the previous owner could have used 3rd party software while training the account, leaving you with the risk of getting banned. Buying from us eliminates these risks.
What makes you different?
Our accounts are made to be sold. All of the accounts are hand-trained and have no email address registered. This makes it the safest way to buy an account, because You will be the first owner of the account, you will know the first(and only) password that was used on the account and the email you set will be the first registered email on the account - you will know all of the necessary information needed to recover the account.
How can you offer so many different accounts?
We have a team of people dedicated to training OSRS accounts. Each account trainer trains multiple accounts at once to reduce the cost of the accounts we offer. The accounts are trained via remote connection and all of the accounts are trained on European/American IPs. Most of our staff members live in developing countries, so we are able to provide them with generous salaries while keeping the cost down.
Can you build me a custom account?
Sure, just send us a message and we will discuss the details.
What other accounts do you offer?
Be sure to check out our listings! We offer an array of accounts such as obby maulers, baby pures, staff of the dead pures, ranged pures, gmaulers, PK ready accounts with desert treasure and mithril gloves, MAXED accounts (99str,att,def,hp), maxed mains with ranged/magic, barrow glove starter accounts, mains with barrow gloves, ironman accounts with 99 firemaking and/or graceful outfit & many other builds.
We sell a huge variety of OSRS accounts.
We accept [PayPal/OSRS Gold/Crypto]
Contact our customer support at Here!

Online 24/7.

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