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✧ Chanston's Custom Map Design ✧

About My Services

Welcome to my world of pure imagination...
Where you may find well-planned, aesthetically pleasing custom maps to add to your server.
My passion for design is found within the details of my work. 
This means I am prepared to spend countless hours to ensure your project perfectly compliments the world it exists within. 
Whether you are looking to purchase a new map or edit an existing one - you've found your guy! 
No project is too big or too small for me and I always do my best to fit any size budget. 
My streamlined process will help guide you through the entire project to bring your vision to life.


Custom Homes
Donator Zones
Boss zones
Minigame areas
Gambling zones
& much more

Send me a detailed description explaining what you would like me to create (include any drawings or pictures you have) and your budget. If you're not sure what you want, then I am more than happy to create something using my own imagination. 
Once the design and overall scope of work is confirmed I will provide you with a quote and estimated time of completion. 
Once payment is received I will begin your project and will require a copy of your cache to ensure compatability. 
I will update you with progress pictures throughout the design process with the option to screenshare for live viewing where you can provide to me any edits along the way.
Once you have confirmed the final version you will send me any remaining balance due, then I will send you the .gz files for implementation. 
Test it out and let me know if any additional changes are needed and I will fix them free-of-charge up to 30 days after completion.

My rates are priced per project and fluctuate depending on the scope of work. 
Please send me a message for an accurate quote. Any budget is welcome! 
If you have a set budget in mind, I will do my best to meet that or even stay below it. 
(See Example Pricing Below)


I require either a non-refundable deposit or full payment upfront before I begin. No exceptions.
All details for your project must be formally agreed upon in writing before starting.
Any additions may be subject to additional charge. 
I do not offer implementation. Only design services.
I have the right to refuse or cancel any project. If I cancel, then you will receive a full refund.
All sales are final. No refunds. 
If I made any mistakes, I will fix them for you at any point up to 30 days after your project has been completed. 
I have the right to use pictures/videos of any work I create within my portfolio.
I will NOT re-use, re-distribute or re-sell your map EVER without your consent.
You may NOT re-sell or re-distribute my work at any point. 

UID: 316837801557491714

"Celestial Home" Project #10

"Ahoy Donator Zone" Project #9

"Gerben's Rimmington" Project #8

"Kozaro/Shilo Custom Edgeville Home" Project #7

"Deadman Island" Project #6 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Map)

"Pokebattle Arena" Project #5

"Gambling Zone" Project #4

"Dragonball Z Boss Arena" Project #3

"Re-purposed Sorcerer's Garden" Project #2

"Underground Castlewars" Project #1


(Please note: Since this is a new website and I have not built reputation here I have posted vouches I received on R-S)


Classic;5705509 - Great work as always, vouch for this legend


710dreamz;5700012 - Vouch for Chanston, Worked together on a few projects a bit ago. He is very creative and dedicated to what he does. I've previously provided services for him up front and he paid more than expected on delivery, Trustworthy man. 100% recommend. Keep it up brother!



Last krosis;5699976 - Does great work , very comfortable to work with . Delivers work greatly. 

Highly recommended



Abnant;5699762 - Vouch for Chanston, really communicative and easy to work with.


demon dylan001;5699553 - Awesome Guy look forward to working with him in the future 😛 helped me discover maps in my cache rather then having to build them and charging me for it, he simply showed me them. I give him a vouch 😛


TNS Alphonse;5699366 - Great guy, huge vouch for Chanston.


NeilG;5696792 - Big ol' vouch for Chanston here who created a map for me for some custom projects and streamed the entire process so i could add input at anytime.
If theres any point where he's free again, i'll deffo be hitting him up.


TeJay;5699352 - Huge vouch for Chanston. 
Big fan of his work aswell. Provides excellence due to his OCD (in simple words, he is a perfectionist and will go to any extent to provide quality).
Best of luck with sales man!


Herb;5699356 - Vouch from me 🙂







Example Pricing:

These rates are not set and stone and are here to only give you an idea of my price ranges.

$5-15 Edits - This mainly includes jobs that take an hour or less, such as, moving maps to new regions, uneven heights of walls and roofs, changing the color of landscape, removing objects, copying existing objects to other areas, etc.
$15-30 Small Custom Additions - Any sort of smaller structures like buildings, bridges, roofs, rivers, or even adding more objects and height differentiation within your landscaping to give it more character
$30-80 Large Custom Additions - Any sort of larger structures (Example: see my Pokebattle Arena)
$80-200 (Per) Single-zone Custom Map - This includes things such as a custom edgeville to a donator zone or mini-game area (Example: see my Gambling Arena) I typically spend 20+ hours on custom maps like this from pre-planning to adding the small details that give your map every bit of character as possible. The higher your budget - the more time I can spend adding the small details that really give your map extra character.



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