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    ✧ Chanston's Custom Map Design ✧

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    Welcome to my world of pure imagination...
    Where you may find well-planned, aesthetically pleasing custom maps to add to your server.
    My passion for design is found within the details of my work. 
    This means I am prepared to spend countless hours to ensure your project perfectly compliments the world it exists within. 
    Whether you are looking to purchase a new map or edit an existing one - you've found your guy! 
    No project is too big or too small for me and I always do my best to fit any size budget. 
    My streamlined process will help guide you through the entire project to bring your vision to life.

    Custom Homes
    Donator Zones
    Boss zones
    Minigame areas
    Gambling zones
    & much more

    Send me a detailed description explaining what you would like me to create (include any drawings or pictures you have) and your budget. If you're not sure what you want, then I am more than happy to create something using my own imagination. 
    Once the design and overall scope of work is confirmed I will provide you with a quote and estimated time of completion. 
    Once payment is received I will begin your project and will require a copy of your cache to ensure compatability. 
    I will update you with progress pictures throughout the design process with the option to screenshare for live viewing where you can provide to me any edits along the way.
    Once you have confirmed the final version you will send me any remaining balance due, then I will send you the .gz files for implementation. 
    Test it out and let me know if any additional changes are needed and I will fix them free-of-charge up to 30 days after completion.

    My rates are priced per project and fluctuate depending on the scope of work. 
    Please send me a message for an accurate quote. Any budget is welcome! 
    If you have a set budget in mind, I will do my best to meet that or even stay below it. 
    (See Example Pricing Below)


    I require either a non-refundable deposit or full payment upfront before I begin. No exceptions.
    All details for your project must be formally agreed upon in writing before starting.
    Any additions may be subject to additional charge. 
    I do not offer implementation. Only design services.
    I have the right to refuse or cancel any project. If I cancel, then you will receive a full refund.
    All sales are final. No refunds. 
    If I made any mistakes, I will fix them for you at any point up to 30 days after your project has been completed. 
    I have the right to use pictures/videos of any work I create within my portfolio.
    I will NOT re-use, re-distribute or re-sell your map EVER without your consent.
    You may NOT re-sell or re-distribute my work at any point. 

    UID: 316837801557491714

    "Celestial Home" Project #10
    "Ahoy Donator Zone" Project #9
    "Gerben's Rimmington" Project #8
    "Kozaro/Shilo Custom Edgeville Home" Project #7
    "Deadman Island" Project #6 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Map)
    "Pokebattle Arena" Project #5
    "Gambling Zone" Project #4
    "Dragonball Z Boss Arena" Project #3
    "Re-purposed Sorcerer's Garden" Project #2
    "Underground Castlewars" Project #1

    (Please note: Since this is a new website and I have not built reputation here I have posted vouches I received on R-S)

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    Available Services

    • Design & Animation

    Clive's RSPS Services


    Hey I'm Clive, I'm offering my time in order to help out this community with some services in order to build up my vouches. 
    I am a hobbyist developer looking to expand some of my knowledge in programming by offering up some of my time fixing some bugs or writing some 
    content you may have an idea for. I cannot promise everything, but will certainly try my best to see what I can do. Anything that is currently out of my reach, 
    I will go away and learn it and hope to come back to you with a solution on how it can be done.

    Here is a list of some of the things I can do for you:
    - Refactoring and rewriting existing code. - Replicating OSRS content. -Implementing fresh ideas you may have - Making interfaces (If a design is provided) - Writing skills. - String and config Packet performance improvements. Plus more, don't hesitate to ask! Contact:
    Discord: Clive#8648
    UNIQUE DISCORD ID: 243882016926334977
    - I do NOT do web related work or implementation of vote, hiscore or donation systems.


    Anything else? We can discuss prices and other services over discord.
    Accepting: Paypal and OSRS GP only at the moment!
    Thank you!
    I will work via remote tools on request. (As long as you have Eclipse/Intellij).
    You will pay the cost upfront.
    If I can not complete the service for whatever reason, you will be refunded or told in advance.
    If you have paid for the service, and you encounter bugs, I will fix them free of charge if it's related to my changes.
    I can decline a service at any time if I feel necessary and deposits will be kept.
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    Available Services

    • Game Development



    If you're looking for any kind of server management you're at the right address!

    ★I can offer you the following things★
    Discord server setup
    Discord server management
    Private server management
    ★People I've worked for★
    Nes RSPS
    Host Dean
    Noobs Own
    & more!
    ★Good to know★
    I'm offering my services in return for payment via OSRS coins or PayPal. I can do almost any service upon request, add me on Discord and we can discuss an agreement.
    Some of my services include Discord server setup, management and RSPS server management.
    ★Payment methods★


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    Available Services

    • Social Media