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What are the differences between PRO and PRO+ membership?

PRO has a one-time fee (€14.99) which means that you only have to pay once to obtain the rank. PRO+ has a monthly fee (€6.99), where you have to pay at the end of each month in order to maintain the rank. The two ranks also have differences when it comes to benefits. Make sure you read them over here.

What can I do if I bought PRO/PRO+ but regret doing so?

After you upgrade your account to either rank, you have 7 days to change your mind. However, if you take part of any benefits then you invalidate that period. This is to ensure that members do not purchase the ranks, take use of their advantages and then refund. Make sure you send a message to the staff team if you regret making a purchase to easen up the process.

Is it possible to pay a larger amount and keep PRO+ for a longer period of time?

Send a message to the RuneList Manager, Sander#6152 to discuss it. You may negotiate some kind of agreement.