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Welcome to RuneList, the next generation RSPS community! The staff team is working very hard to keep the community up and running. We're currently in BETA, which means some content might not be as expected. If any errors occur please PM an moderator+. Thanks and stay safe!

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Change your nickname and stand out with the PRO or PRO+ badge next to your username.

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Get the option to edit your signature to show off your store, graphical knowledge or anything else.

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Share Everything!

With active membership you can share URLs outside of RuneList with the community through discord/website.

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Member title!

Request a custom HTML member title, to display your custom title anywhere in the community sections. *

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Spotlight! PRO+

Your RuneList toplist server will stand out with a nice featured server design, your server in the spotlights!

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Advertising! PRO+

Advertising gets a bit easier with a free animated banner made by our designers. Your server will stand out! **

Available Memberships

Member PRO Member PRO+


Message Sander for other payment methods

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€14.99 / one time

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€24.99 / monthly

Membership information

Memberships are bought from RuneList, the PRO memberships lasts for a unlimited amount of time. The PRO+ membership needs to be renewed every month. You don't have to purchase PRO in order to purchase PRO+ membership. Although PRO+ membership is an "upgraded" version of the PRO membership.

Acceptable payment methods are Paypal, Bank Transfer, SOFORT, Apple pay and Google pay. It is possible to pay with RuneScape gold on request.

Any "donations" or purchases made to RuneList are not to be returned unless an agreement is made between the customer and the founders of RuneList

Subscription payments are done at the end of each subscription month (depends on when you bought it). You may cancel your subscription at any time through the website.

If a user of RuneList happends to Chargeback their account will be permanently banned and legal actions will take place.

More Membership Benefits

Regular PRO PRO+ VIP
Give positive/negative reputation per day 3 5 10 15
Ability to bump your own forum thread (once) 1/48h 1/24h 1/12h 1/12h
Ability to bump your own marketplace store (once) 1/48h 1/24h 1/24h
Permission to upload a animated profile picture
Ability to use external emoji on discord

* You can request a custom member title by creating a support request.

** Every 3 months of PRO+ membership you'll get one animated banner made by our designers.

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