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RSPS Launcher

Do I need an account to use the launcher?

Yes, you do as the launcher and our website are connected.

Why should I use the launcher?

The launcher doesn't serve the purpose to replace clients or launchers directly from the server developers. It is only there to serve as an alternative. However, using our launcher comes with certain benefits. By using it, you will have access to a social system to track friends across multiple servers. In addition, you can also track how much time you have spent on each server and see a live player count. Finally, if that isn't enough, we also have an achievement and leveling system for you to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing various servers.

How are servers added?

There will be three categories we account for when choosing servers.

  1. Validity: How long has the server existed? Who are the people behind the game? What experiences have they shown? Is their overall reputation positive, negative, or neutral across various communities?
  2. Reliability: How reliable is it? What are the chances of it containing malware in the present/future? Are there previous records of it containing malware, database leaks, etc?
  3. Practicality: Is it worth adding the server? How many players are and would be playing it? What is the expected lifetime.

In addition, we will also play-test each server that is being added in order to ensure that we can guarantee a top-notch experience. It should be right to be added to the launcher, to increase server traffic and overall player happiness rather than something everyone does to get a player or two.

If a server passes through all of these factors, it is added to the launcher.

How can I switch to dark/light mode?

Click on the 🎡 Settings option, and then check the boxes for dark and light mode to toggle between the two.