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EradicationX - Project Purple

EradicationX is an old RS2 Pre-EoC server which ran from 2013 all the way to 2017. After lots of anticipation, hard work in terms of management and development, we're glad to say that the legend is now BACK! We've modified the entire server, fixing its flaws both in the server's codes and content. It's in no way P2W and contains none of the economical flaws that the server used to have. It's been in development for a year, and is now completely rewritten & reworked. 

Note-able features:
- Fully custom Raids
- Professional Model Designs
- 10 Unique fully custom written quests with cutscenes and rewards
- First RS2 server to have a FULLY WORKING Lobby Screen with friends chat, friends list, clan chat and world selection integration
And so much more!

We re-launched the 25th of February and yet have a large playerbase, all we're missing... is YOU!