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OldSchool BoneYard

Greetings Adventure.

Are you looking for something unique; tired of the same thing over and over. I invite you to take a dive into an RSPS like no other. Make your own teleports, open up your own shop with help from the Banker at home, or enjoy some custom designed quests with unique lore. Love to skill, but hate the bank runs, well Build-A-Bank has you covered; in select areas you can build a temporary or permanent banking chest with use of the Construction skill. Glory run out of charges, use the Enchant Dragonstone spell on the amulet with an uncut or cut to get a (4) or (6) respectively, maybe even an eternal.

This project is under Heavy Development.

OldSchool BoneYard (OSBY)

Welcome to a project Inspired by the game driving this community, and with a touch of custom lore/content; This custom server brings you back to a time when RSPS Custom servers were not custom made models imported into the cache.

Unique Content

Skill points
- Like Slayer tasks, Skills have Tasks that their Master will task you
- Custom shops for each master
- An outfit for every Skill

- Using Construction and Smithing you can build temp/perm banking chest at some of the Skilling locations

Magical Orbs
- Ever wish you had a way to make your own teleports?
- want to get back to that favorite spot?
- Customized teleporting that allows you to pick the location

Social Skilling
- if 1 or more players are using the same fire, range, anvil, furnace, altar, etc... then the exp gained is boosted
- if you have them added as a friend that's more, they have you added, even more.

Connect your Discord
- Boosted 10% exp
- Improved account security
- Collect from your kingdom with a Discord command
- Price checker
- Player lookup

- Custom designed and written quests not from RuneScape

Expected Content

- Almost all working Skills
- Mini-games
- Bosses
- Quests
- And more...

Planed Content

- Discord integration
- Discord driven in-game content
- More Custom Quests
- Custom mini-games
- Even more...