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Runiverse Bot Documentation

Welcome to the Runiverse.Β 

One single place for all your RSPS needs, from Server-Owners, to Server-Players, or just a curious adventurer looking for that next place to call home.
With a collection of services from voting, to shopping, and with wayts to view the leaderboards, there is no place like ::1

With this bot Owners can Register their Discord Guild with their RSPS. From here you can implement our Free Services and so much more to come...


Discord Intents:

● GatewayIntent.GUILD_MESSAGES
β†’ Message events from text channels in guilds

β†’ This affects the messages received in the message history

β†’ Custom emoji and sticker add/update/delete events.

β†’ Message events in private channels.



β†’ These are commands that Discord users with MANAGE permissions can use.

/register (Discord Owner Only)
● This will register the discord that the command is executed in
● Bringing up a form to fill out to register your RSPS with as well
Β  Β  β—‹Β If this popup form closes, to reopen, reenter this command
β†’ Successful creation will return a message with your AccessToken
β†’ Make note of this Token as it will be needed for the RSPS-Intigration of the Runiverse-API

/manage {sub-command}
● SubCommands
β†’ new-token β–Έ Generates a new AccessToken for the Runiverse-API
β†’ get-api β–Έ Receive a DM with a link to get the Runiverse-API.jar


We create a model of your server, containing your Discord Guild ID, the Owner's Discord ID, and display name, we then present you witha forum to fill in

RuneScape Private Server information input forum:

● Server Name
β†’ Min 1 character; Max 72 characters

● RuneList.io TopList link
β†’ Min 32 characters; Max 72 characters

● Server's Website URL
β†’ Discords default limit for TextInputStyle.SHORT (Min 1 character; Max 4,000 characters)

● Server's Client/Launcher URL
β†’ Discords default limit for TextInputStyle.SHORT (Min 1 character; Max 4,000 characters)

● Server description
β†’ Min 32 characters, Max 180 characters