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Chanston's Deadman Island


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Chanston's Deadman Island



Enjoy a free map designed by me for a project I never released. 

I completed this map on 06/24/20.

Made on a 317 ruse base using a Simplicity plugin.

Hopefully it works for you! 




Here's my idea on how I was going to use the map. Feel free to use it the same way or come up with your own use!  


Up to 64 players will be able to compete 1v1 within the fort as of right now. I defaulted to doing 6x6 sized arenas for both the bottom and second level with 16 arenas in each. If there are more than 64 players, all players will fight outside of the arena until there are 64 players remaining. At that point the remaining players will qualify for 1v1's inside the fort. All 64 players will be split up between the 32 arenas (6x6) on the ground level 0 and level 1 of the fort. The 2nd round inside the fort will split the players up between only the 16 arenas on level 1 (the second level)(6x6). The 3rd round, players will fight on top of the fort on level 2 within 8 arenas (7x7). The 4th round, the remaining 8 players will fight within 4 arenas on level 3 (7x7). On the 5th round, players will fight in only 2 of the 4 previous arenas (7x7). Finally, the remaining 2 players duke it out in the center arena on the top of the fort (8x8)



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