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Valor - A Balance Between PvP & Economy


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Valor is a Eco server mixed between the 2011 era and Osrs.
Its jam packed with amazing features coded by a super efficient and dedicated team.
After being worked on for many months we are finally opening up to the RSPS
community. We plan on running the server similar to how OSRS adds content into
their game by getting suggestions from the community and polling them. All suggestions
will be polled and given a time frame so everyone has a chance to vote. By doing it this way
we hope to create a server ran by the community.

We do not plan on rushing this release at all the goal is to make something stable. Although
I do believe Valor is close to its release. We are offering a open beta so everyone can get a 
chance to play and start giving their input. Valor is now offering incentives if you play the 
open beta. You can find more about this and the server in the discord below.

Notable Valor Features:

[*]Perfect Balanced Economy
[*]2 Hourly Pk Tournaments
[*]Flawless pk system
[*]Duel arena, Blackjack Tables, Flower poker
[*]Full Raids 1 & 2 (Yes full no cut corners)
[*]Bounty Hunter with good rewards 
[*]200+ Achievements and Daily tasks 
[*]Runelite with many plugins
[*]Cash PK Tournament Prizes
[*]Discord Giveaways
[*]And much more

Keeping PvP Active

One of the most downside features of
running any economy server is the PvP. 
Economy servers usually hit all other 
aspects when it comes to their servers
but PvP always falls short. When having 
a server the best money making should
always be in the wilderness whether it 
is a PvP server or economy. At Valor we 
have focused on making PvP profitable
per hour and also focusing on adding 
great wilderness bosses. We also have
hourly eventts including Pk Tournaments, 
hourly wilderness bosses, and much more.

Balanced Economy:

When joining a server one of the worst
aspects a server can have is being to 
easy or hard. Most of us want to grind
but not for hours to see little to no result. 
Keeping this is mind we have focused on 
the money makers in our game and have 
tried to balance them all. We strive to give
you a server that's not to hard or easy but 
just right.






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