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Gauntlet OSRS | 25th of June


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Welcome to the official Gauntlet advertisement thread.
After endless hours into coding, we decided to announce the release of one of the coolest semi-custom servers!
I would like to thank Kronos for releasing the base we have worked hard on to create something outstanding and unique for the RSPS scene.

With this OSRS based server, we had to expand the content and gameplay progression more to make it fit perfectly.
At Gauntlet we bring you everything OSRS has to offer up to the 194 data, with additional items and content to make it even more fun.
After release, we will poll most of our updates so the community decides what comes into the game!
Our development team exists out of multiple talented and fairly new coders, that work on the server as a full-time job!

We are Economy-based, with a lot of content for PVM, but also a lot of focus on Player-Killing.

Make sure to join our discord and sign up on our forums so you will not miss anything towards release.
We also released our $1000+ competitions as well as invite competitions and giveaways that are LIVE now!
Down below you will find media and links.

Website: https://www.gauntletps.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/NQnWKve5JP

$1000+ competitions on release day: Gauntlet Release Competitions - Events - Gauntlet (gauntletps.com)
$300+ discord invite event: Gauntlet Discord Invite Event - Events - Gauntlet (gauntletps.com)



Keep in mind, this is not everything we have to offer, join our discord to see the rest!


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